Surface and Materials Science Laboratory


In our laboratory we analyze the electronic and atomic structures of surfaces and solids through a combination of unique two- & one- dimensional photoelectron spectroscopy, STM, RHEED and femto-sec laser. These analyses are the basis for producing surface materials that have new electronic, magnetic, optical and chemical properties. These new surfaces should have unique characteristics necessary for sophisticated devices and catalysis in the near future.

 2016/02/14 2/9-14 Liliany Noviyanti Pamasi from Gadjah mada University Indonesia stayed our lab as intership student.

 2016/01/07 Michael Paul A. Jallorina from Ateneo de Manila University visited our lab.

 2015/12/8 Prof. Byung Seong Bae from Hoseo University Korea visited our lab with 9 students.

 2015/12/8  Ateneo de Manila University Prof.Gregory Ligot Tangonan and Prof. Gemalyn D. Abrajano visited our lab.

 2015/11/26 Prof.Miyahara(Tokyo Metropolitan University) visited our lab and gave a lecture.

 2015/11/17 Prof. Suga( (Forschungszentrum Juelich, Peter Gruenberg Institut ) visited our lab and gave a lecture.

 2015/08/03 8/3-21 Ms. Sakamoto(Osaka Prefecture University College of Technology) stayed our lab as intership student. 

 2015/07/31 Prof. Kubozono and Asisstant Prof. Eguchi visited our lab.

 2015/07/01  7/1-8/7 Mr. Victotr Klinkov from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University stayed our lab as intership student.

2015/05/25  Kittima Sivakui (Kasetsart University Thailand) stayed our lab as intership student. 

 2015/05/11  7 members (Master course) joined Daimon Lab.

 2015/04/03 Ms. Bettina Dinter (RWTH Aachen University) visited our lab.

 2015/01/26 Prof. Nagao(NIMS) visited our lab.

 2014/12/17 Prof. Miyahara(Tokyo Metropolitan University) visited our lab and gave a lecture.

 2014/12/10 Prof. Kiguchi (Tokyo Institute of Tecnology School of Engineering ) visited our lab.

 2014/11/20  Prof. Abukawa(Tohoku Univ.)visited our lab and gave a lecture.

 2014/11/5  T.Sakata received the best poster award of ISSS-7

 2014/10/6   St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) / Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) Joint Workshop was held by Daimon-lab students.

2014/6/7  Some members participated the meeting to report the research results at Ritsumeikan SR center. 

2014/5/24  R. Horie received "Encoraging Lecture Prize" at the 33th Sceientific Presentation of Surface Science Society of Japan.

2014/5/9  7 members (Master course) joined Daimon Lab

2014/4/25  The article 「ドキ★ワク先端科学」 written by Prof. Daimon has issued from Yomiuri newspaper.

Click here for reading the article. 

2014/4/4  Dao Duy Thang from Vietnamese joined Daimon Lab. as a student of Doctor course. 

2014/4/1   Prof. M. Taguchi joined Daimon Lab. as Assistant Professor.

2014/3/13  Prof. Gwenael Rapenne(Unversite Paul Sabatier) visited Daimon Lab.

2014/3/11   The result of the joint research by Prof. Daimon, Prof. Hattori and Osaka University was selected as "Spotlight thesis" of February 2014 issue of Japanese Journal of Applied Physics

The thesis title is “
Enhancement of photoluminescence efficiency from GaN(0001)by surface treatments  

2014/3/7 H. Matsui (D3) received The 5th Budding Researchers Award

2014/1/25   T. Sakata (D2) received "Hattori Prize" at Gate Stack Study

2014/1/23   Prof. Kamano and Prof. Uehara of Anan National College of Technology have visited Daimon Lab.

2014/1/20   Prof. Thomas Greber, Physik-Institut, University of Zurich, Switzerland visited Daimon Lab.

2014/1/10  Prof.M. Morgenstern, University of RWTH Aachen visited Daimon Lab. and gave a lecture.

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2013/12/5 R. Horie (D2) received "Excellent Presentation Award" at 9th International Symposium on Atomic Level Characterizations for New Materials and Devices ’13 (ALC’13)
2013/11/15  Prof. Gregory Ligot Tangonan of Ateneo de ManilaUniversity visited Daimon Lab.

2013/11/12  Prof. Enrique J. Lavernia of UC Davis visited Daimon Lab.

2013/10/28 Prof. Seizo Morita, a emeritus professor of Osaka University, visited Daimon Lab. and gave a lecture.

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2013/10/2  Artoni Kevin R. Ang from Phillipine joined Daimon Lab. as a studnet of Doctor course.

2013/9/18  Ms. Shirley Lui, researcher of Department of Chemistry, Kyoto University visited Daimon Lab.

2013/8/18  Prof. Daimon's 60th birthday party was held at Kyoto Century Hotel. A lot of people graduated from Daimon Lab. ,graduates, friends gathered and celebrated the anniversary.

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2013/7/25  N. Hirota(D1) won a scholarship granted by the excellent student scholarship systems of NAIST.

2013/6/1  Dr. Fumihiko Matsui, who had been a member of Daimon Lab., promoted from Asst. Prof. to Assoc. Pro. (PI) of Materials Science and started up his laboratory " Green Nanosystem"

Click here for HP os Green Nonosystem.

2013/5/20  7 members (Master course) joined Daimon Lab.

2013/3/22 N. Hirota(M2) was granted the graduation certificate by President as a representative of the graduates of Master's Program of Graduate school of Materials Science, Nara Insutitute of Science and Technology.

2013/3/18 Professor Toshio Takahashi, Univ. of Tokyo visited Daimon Lab. and gave a lecutre titled "Surface interface by X-ray diffraction scattering method

2012/12/8 H. Matsui (D2) was received the excellent poster presentation award at CAT-ON-CAT 2012.
2012/11/21 T. Sakata (D1) was received Golden Award at 2012 GIST-NAIST-NCTU Joint Symposium on Interdisciplinary Nanoscience & Beyond

2012/8/7 H. Matsui (D2) was received Best Poster Award at International workshop on 3D atomic imaging at nano-scale active sites in materials

2012/7/31  T. Sakata (D1) won a scholarship granted by the excellent student shcolarship systems of NAIST.

2012/7/17 Dr. Didier Sebilleau (CNRS Researcher, Universite de Rennes 1)visited Daimon Lab. and gave a lecture titled “MsSpec : A MULTIPLE-SCATTERING PACKAGE FOR SPECTROSCOPIES USING ELECTRONS TO PROBE MATERIALS”

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Prof.Franz J. Himpsel (Physics Department, University of Wisconsin Madison) visited Daimon Lab. and gave a lecture titled “Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Nanostructures on Silicon”

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Prof. Katsumi Tanimura (Osaka Univ.) gave lectures for two days.

M. Fujita (M1) received Excellent Poster Award at 7-th Joint-Symposium of
Synchrotron Radiation Surface Science Research Division
and Microscopic・Nano Material Science Group

N. Maejima (D1) received Best Poster Award The Third at 2011 GIST/NAIST/NCTU Joint Symposium on Advanced Materials.

H. Matsui (D1) received Excellent Poster Presentation Award at 108th Catalysis Meeting
By requested from Sanae Takaichi's Office who was a member of the House of Representatives, the cadets of US millitary academy for Air Force, who were staying Japan for study, visitied Daimon Lab

2011/7/21 Dr. Takashi Aizawa (National Institute of Materials Science) visited Dimon Lab. and gave a lecture. 

2011/7/7 Stereophotographs of atomic arrangement for viewing by Nintendo 3DS have been uploaded.


Prof.Daimon, Assistant Prof. Matsui, Y. Kato, M. Hashimoto, K. Inaji( NAIST students),T. Matsushita, F. Z. Guo found new method diffraction spectroscopy.
The details of this article are presented Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 207201(2008)

2008/4/15 Prof.Daimon, Assistant Prof. Matsui received the prize of Ministry of Edcation, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.


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