Nanostructure Magnetism



Associate Professor

          N. Hosoito


Doctor course student

          T. Hasegawa (D3)

          T. Konishi (D3)

          A. Yoshida (D2)


Master course student

          R. Hashiga (M2)

          H. Yoshioka (M2)

          Y. Maeda (M1)

          D. Yamashita (M1)


Research field

We prepare metallic thin films and multilayers by ultrahigh vacuum deposition and sputtering techniques, and investigate their structure and magnetism.  A remarkable feature of our laboratory is to study nanostructure magnetism using synchrotron radiation X-rays.  We have developed resonant X-ray magnetic scattering techniques which fully utilize the characteristics of synchrotron radiation such as energy tunability and high polarization.  Since the resonant X-ray scattering is element and orbital selective, this technique allows us to study element-selective magnetism, especially magnetism of nonmagnetic elements, which is a key of spin electronics.


Subject of recent studies

·           Induced magnetism of nonmagnetic layers in the interlayer exchange coupling systems

  Fe/Au, Co/Cu

·           Induced magnetism of nonmagnetic layers and perpendicular magnetic anisotropy


·           Interface magnetism in the direct and indirect exchange bias systems

  CoO/Fe, CoO/Cu/Fe, CoO/Au/Fe, MnIr/CoFe

·           Development of techniques for synchrotron radiation magnetism.

      Helicity modulation technique for resonant x-ray magnetic scattering

      Element-selective vector magnetization measurement