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Welcome! This is the official WEB site of Satoshi Tomita of NAIST, Nara, Japan.
Important keywords in my research are "nano materials", "electric field" and "magnetic field". In other words, I am very interested in optical and magnetic properties of nano-/micro-structured materials, for example, metallic nanoparticles.
From this point of view, we are now carrying out experimental and numerical studies on metamaterials or artifitial materials, which realize extraordinary electromagnetic responses we have never observed in natural materials.

What's New !

6 Feb.
Publications: Topical Review paper about magnetochiral mtamaterials has just appeared in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

2 Feb.
Publications: Phys. Rev. B paper about asymmetric electromagnetic field profiles in chiral metamaterials is out now

20 Oct.
Publications: Materials paper about Fibonacci-modulated Fe-Au multilayer metamaterials is out now

13 Oct.
Publications: Phys. Rev. B paper about Stern-Gerlach effects for microwaves using nonuniform chiral metamaterials is published

4 Oct.
Information of a lecture "Mathematical Analysis"(1) for students in the international course in GSMS-NAIST
30 Aug. Presentations:
Poster presentations in Metamaterials2017 in Marseille, France
25 Jul. Presentations:
Invited talk in META'17 in Incheon, Korea
Jun. Presentations:
Invited talk in VJMW2071 in Hanoi, Vietnamm, and contributed talk in TJMW in Bangkok, Thailand
19 Apr. Publications:
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. paper about enhanced MO Kerr effects in Py/Ag/Bi trilayers is out now
10 Mar. Presentations:
Invited talk in ISPESE in Kyoto Univ.
2 Feb. Publications:
Phys. Rev. B paper about giant magnetochiral effects at microwave frequencies is out now
24 Aug.
Phys. Rev. Appl. paper about FMR of chiral micrometer-sized metamolecules is out now
18 Feb. Publications:
Appl. Phys. A paper (Proceeding of META2015) about THz wave emission from chiral metasurfaces is out now
12 Jan. Publications:
Appl. Phys. A paper (Proceeding of META2015) about fabrication and ferromagnetic resonance of cobalt chiral meta-molecule arrays is out now
3 Dec.
Phys. Rev. Lett. paper about magneto-chiral effects by a metamolecule is out now
26 Aug. Publications:
Phys. Rev. B paper about lifetime reduction of a quantum emitter using Fibonacci metamaterials is out now
31 Mar.
A new book "Ellipsometry at the Nanoscale" (Springer-Verlag) has just been published.
22 Jan. Publications:
Phys. Rev. B paper about chiral meta-interface and polarity reversal of ellipticity is out now as a Rapid Communication.
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Magnetochiral meta-molecules and chiral meta-interfaces
Periodic and Quasi-periodic Hyperbolic metamaterials
Spin-wave left-handed metamaterials
Plasmonic magneto-optics
Artificial capside
Carbon onions

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AY2017 Mathematical Analysis
for Materials Science (1/8)
"Functions and Graphs"
(4 Oct 2016)

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