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The Graduate School of Materials Science admits highly motivated students from across Japan and overseas regardless of their background fields. We are systematically fostering excellent technicians and researchers to lead industry and academia into the future.

Our research and education focuses on ‘photonic nanoscience’, which has view points of “see with light”, “create with light” and “manupulate with light”. Based on a deep understanding of the interaction between light and matter at the electron, atomic, and molecular level, we aim to create new materials with new functions and properties.

In our Graduate School, we have leading researchers in physics, chemistry, device technology, biotechnology, and other more specific fields, striving to meet the demands of society. The collaboration of these expert researchers in such a broad range of fields easily produces frontier interdisciplinary researches in photonic nanoscience.

These researches yield basic technology in a variety of fields; from information and communications, electronics, environment and energy to bio and medical technology. These technologies contribute to the development of new functional materials, which create new industries and a clean and affluent society for coming generations.


Last year, our institute received the highest award in an evaluation of research and education activities among all national universities in Japan. We, in the Graduate School of Materials Science, continue our efforts to keep this top level of research and education.

By having students participate in scientific English courses, experience staying in laboratories overseas, and presenting and running international symposia-as well as cultivating within them a spirit for self-study-we aim to produce internationally active researchers to lead the way in the new scientific field of photonic nanoscience.

Our leading education program training “Researchers in Cutting Edge Photonic Nanoscience” was evaluated as top in the field of the JSPS Program for Enhancing Systematic Education in Graduate Schools. We hope students participate in research on advanced materials science with our leading faculty in an excellent research and education environment, and create history in our Graduate School of Materials Science.

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