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Advanced Polymer Science Laboratory

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Educational StaffProf. Michiya Fujiki
TEL: +81-743-72-6040

The Advanced Polymer Science Laboratory is devoted to breaking common sense and knowledge, textbooks, established theory, and historical knowledge, aiming to realize unique chiroptical photophysics of polymeric materials. The issues we focus on are as follows:


Generation, amplification, inversion and transcription of helix structures by chemical and physical origin

We aim to cultivate capable researchers and engineers who will work in the area of polymer-related science and engineering through ground-breaking outcomes in relation to the design, synthesis, analysis, and function of polymers. We focus on educating students to independently think about new concepts and to propose new ideas through daily reciprocal interaction, as well as in seminars and meetings hosted by related academic communities.

1. Mirror symmetry breaking at polyatomic systems and elucidating the origin of life on Earth

2. Detecting ultraweak molecular interactions

3. CPL-functioned polymeric materials using catalyst-free zero-step synthesis

4. Liquid-phase physisorption of π-conjugated polymers at inorganic/polymer interfaces

  • Fig. 1 Zero-step room-temperature synthesis of full-visible photoluminescent polymer particles
  • Fig. 2 International students and collaboration with our lab

1. Laibing Wang, Lu Yin, Wei Zhang, Xiulin Zhu, and Michiya Fujiki, “Circularly Polarized Light with Sense and Wavelengths to Regulate Azobenzene Supramolecular Chirality in Optofluidic Medium”, Journal of the American Chemical Society(ACS), 2017 (DOI: 10.1021/jacs.7b07626).

2. Sang Thi Duong and Michiya Fujiki, “The origin of bisignate circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) spectra from chiral polymer aggregates and molecular camphor: Anti-Kasha’s rule revealed by CPL excitation (CPLE) spectra”, Polymer Chemistry (RSC), 8, 4673-4679 (2017). [highlighted as cover page].

3. Michiya Fujiki and Shosei Yoshimoto, “Time-evolved, far-red circularly polarized luminescent polymer aggregates endowed with sacrificial helical Si–Si bond polymers”, Materials Chemistry Frontiers (RSC), 1, 1773-1785 (2017).(invited paper).

4. Sibo Guo, Nozomu Suzuki, and Michiya Fujiki, “Oligo- and polyfluorenes meet cellulose alkyl esters: Retention, inversion, and racemization of circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) and circular dichroism (CD) via intermolecular C-H/O=C interactions”, Macromolecules (ACS), 50, 1778-1789 (2017).

5. Kai Kan, Michiya Fujiki, Mitsuru Akashi, and Hiroharu Ajiro, “Near-ultraviolet Circular Dichroism of Achiral Phenolic Termini Induced by Nonchromophoric Poly(L, L-lactide) and Poly(D,D-lactide)”, ACS MacroLett (ACS), 5, 1014-1018 (2016).

6. Nor Azura Abdul Rahim and Michiya Fujiki, “Aggregation-induced scaffolding: photoscissable helical polysilane generates circularly polarized luminescent polyfluorene”, Polymer Chemistry (RSC), 7, 4618−4629 (2016) [highlighted as cover page].


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