NAIST Graduate School of Materials Science

Photonic Device Science Laboratory

Staff & Contact
Educational StaffProf. Jun Ohta
Associate Prof. Takashi Tokuda
Assistant Prof. Kiyotaka Sasagawa, Toshihiko Noda
ContactTEL: +81-743-72-6051

1. Laboratory outline
The Photonic Device Science Laboratory researches and develops new optical functionality-based material science and device functions for fast, flexible processing of image information that promises to play a leading role in an advanced information society and a “super aging society.” Specifically, we work on applying photonic LSI technology which integrates semiconductor circuit technology and photonic technology toward bio and medical field applications as shown in Fig.1. Our typical research fields include bio-medical photonic LSls and artificial vision devices.

2. Research activity and policy
We actively advance joint studies with different research fields because our research subjects necessitate interdisciplinary research activities. For example, we are conducting joint research on artificial vision with the Department of Ophthalmology of Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine and an ophthalmologic apparatus manufacturer. Furthermore, we are conducting joint research on bio-medical photonic LSIs with the Functional Neuroscience Laboratory of the Graduate School of Biological Sciences at NAIST.

3. Education
Almost all students in the laboratory are requested to work on research subjects in different fields. We provide introductory seminars, study meetings, and many opportunities to interact with researchers within and outside the university so that they can pursue their research smoothly and widen their research perspectives.

1. Bio-medical photonic materials and devices
2. Micro-chemical photonic devices
3. Advanced image sensors and their application system

  • Fig.1 Research fields of Photonic Device Science Lab.
  • Fig.2 Retinal prosthesis device
  • Fig.3 Brain implantable micro imager

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