NAIST Graduate School of Materials Science

Photonic Molecular Science Laboratory

Staff & Contact
Educational StaffProf. Tsuyoshi Kawai
Associate Prof. Takuya Nakashima
Assistant Prof. Junpei Yuasa, Yoshiyuki Nonoguchi
ContactFAX: +81-743-72-6179

The Photonic Molecular Science Laboratory was established in 2004 and the faculty members have their own specialized fields among materials science for exploring the new research field, “Photonic Molecular Science”. Our laboratory is accepting motivated students for the master’s and doctoral courses from the field of chemistry and materials science. The students are trained in organic and inorganic syntheses and structural and optical characterization for the development of photo-functional molecular and nano-crystalline materials. We welcome ambitious students who have the flexibility and positive attitude necessary to address new scientific challenges while taking advantage of their educational background and scientific interests in materials science.

Molecular- and nanoparticle-based devices are expected as candidates of active elements in future information science and technology for communication, memory, sensing and display. Our research interests are focused on new photo-functional molecular and nano-scale materials which actively interact with photons. Our research subjects include photo-responsive molecules (Fig. 1), π-conjugated molecules, nanoparticles and nanowires (Fig. 2), intelligent fluorescence sensors (Fig. 3), nanocarbons, and circularly polarized light-emitting materials.


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