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Photonic Molecular Science Laboratory

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Educational StaffProf. Tsuyoshi Kawai
Associate Prof. Takuya Nakashima
Assistant Prof. Yoshiyuki Nonoguchi, Mihoko Yamada
ContactFAX: +81-743-72-6179

Research activity of this laboratory is focused on “Photonic Molecular Science”, a new research field covering molecules, polymers, coordination compounds and low-dimensional nanomaterials with advanced photo-functionality. We accept students who have been educated in related fields such as chemistry, applied physics, material science and electronic engineering in Japanese and overseas universities. Students are trained in organic and inorganic syntheses and characterization methods, which are essential for developing future advanced materials and devices with photo-functionality. We welcome ambitious students with high motivation, flexibility, and positive attitudes to address new scientific challenges while taking advantage of their educational backgrounds and scientific interests in materials science.

1. Photoresponsive molecules based on terarylene structures for photon quantitative reactions, photoacid generators (PAGs), ultra-efficient oxidative cycloreversion, and photoswitching of circularly polarized luminescence (CPL)

2.  Nanoparticles chemistry through surface molecular design for self-assembly, chiral chemistry, and composite materials

3.  Supramolecular functionalization of carbon nanotubes for thermoelec­tric energy conversion

Fig.1 Schematic illustration for photoisomerization reactions of our unique photochromic molecule, which exhibits photoreaction with quantum yield of unity, a “photon-quantitative reaction”

  • Fig. 2 TEM images of Self-assembling structures of amphiphilic semiconduc¬tor nanoparticles with rod-(left) and tetrapod-(right) shape.
  • Fig. 3 A representative concept for su¬pramolecular n-type doping of carbon nanotubes.

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