NAIST Graduate School of Materials Science

Green Nanosystem Laboratory

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Educational StaffAssociate Prof. Fumihiko Matsui
ContactTEL: +81-743-72-6017

Our laboratory investigaes nano-scale structures and their properties at the surface based on spectroscopy and diffraction methods using originally developed electron analyzers.

At the interface where two different materials meet, unique electronic and magnetic phenomena such as photovoltaic and rectification effects appear, owing to structural anisotropy and interface-specific composition. We investigate such local electronic properties by non-destructive and atomic site specific method: photoelectron diffraction spectroscopy. The purpose of our research is to providing useful knowledge for developing and improving new devices for green innovation based on these interface phenomena.

1. Revealing unique phenomena related to photoelectron diffraction and Developing new analysis methods based on such phenomena

2. Construction of a new projection type electron analyzer: PESCATORA

3. Atomic level characterization of local structure and properties of functional material interfaces

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