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Bio-Process Engineering

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Educational StaffProf. Youichiro Hosokawa
Assistant Prof. Takeo Katayama
Assistant Prof. Ryohei Yasukuni
Assistant Prof.Takanori Iino
TEL: +81-743-72-6199

The Laser Nano-Manipulation Science Laboratory takes advantage of laser light to develop microscopic technology for the manipulation and measurement of cells and proteins, and to clarify bio-mechanical interaction between cells or proteins from a new perspective in order to further understand responsiveness of cells and living tissue by environment stress. These activities aim to open new fields of life innovation and green innovation. The laboratory fosters human resources who have a broad knowledge of science ranging from physics and chemistry to biology and medicine.

1. 1. Exploration of the responsiveness of cells and living tissues to the environment stress
2. Development of new measurement method to estimate internal stress in living tissue utilizing ultrashort laser and atomic force microscope
3. Development of new manipulation technique to stimulate and to select single cells utilizing ultrashort pulse laser
4. Kinetics of local explosion in water induced by ultrashort laser pulse and its interaction to biological micro-objects

  • Fig.1 Manipulation of micro-beads by femtosecond laser impulse
  • Fig. 2 Nanometer scale vibration of Zebrafish embryo induced by femtosecond laser impulse and detected by Atomic force microscope
  • Fig. 3 Activation of cultured biological cells by femtosecond laser impulse

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