NAIST Graduate School of Materials Science

Functional Polymer Science Laboratory (with Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

Staff & Contact
Educational StaffVisiting Prof. Takahiro Honda , Hiroshi Enomoto
Visiting Associate Prof. Komei Okabe
ContactTEL: +81-743-72-6145

1. Educational Purposes
We cultivate human resources with the ability to identify and solve research challenges, as well as those who can contribute to society through research activities in drug discovery based on synthetic organic chemistry. We provide research and education aiming to develop human resources who dream of performing skilled manufacturing and spare no effort in achieving their dreams. Thus, we place emphasis on the understanding of research backgrounds and positioning, experimental design and techniques, result analysis, discussion, and how to derive conclusions.

2. Guiding Principle
We provide guidance to students so that they can acquire the basic experimental capabilities to obtain correct and reliable data and, at the same time, give consideration to safety and health during actual chemical experiments.

1. Drug Discovery Project
The Functional Polymer Science Laboratory, a collaboration course between Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Nara Institute of Science and Technology, has been conducting research activity since April 2005. Our main research themes are basic synthetic organic chemistry for drug discovery and the search for candidate compounds to develop new medicinal drugs with unique structures (Fig. 1).

2. New Drug Delivery System Project
We also have been investigating a new drug delivery system (DDS) for the treatment of eye disease. Now especially, sustained-release type DDS using inactive ingredients are being studied to treat diseases of the posterior chamber of the eye (Fig. 2 & 3).

  • Fig 1. Compounds synthesized in our laboratory
  • Fig 2. New DDS for the eye disease
  • Fig 3. Injectable gel for DDS using ascorbic acid ester derivative and its SEM image.

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