NAIST Graduate School of Materials Science

Nanomaterials and Polymer Chemistry Laboratory

Based on the concept of “molecular technology”, this laboratory was established in 2015 to conduct research on functional materials and nanomaterials in the field of polymer chemistry. Students who are interested in polymer synthesis and nanomaterials are welcome. The development of functional polymer materials requires knowledge of organic synthesis, analytical methods, and materials design, all of which are covered in the laboratory. We offer thorough education to prepare students to become researchers through discussions, presentations, and participation in academic conferences and meetings.

Trimethylene carbonate derivatives and N-vinylamide derivatives, for example, are selected as biomaterial application. (Fig. 1)

Thermal, pH, and light are used for stimuli-responsive polymer materials, which change their chemical and physical properties. (Fig. 2)

Nanoparticles, nanofibers, and nanofilms are design and prepared using polymer-polymer interactions, such as van der Waals and electrostatic interactions. (Fig. 3)

  • Fig. 1
  • Fig. 2
  • Fig. 3

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