All participants are asked to make registration until 16th Oct., 2012, by sending an e-mail to isgp2012 [at] in which following information must be indicated.

First and Family Name, Affiliation, Title, e-mail address.

Participants who wish to have a poster presentation are asked to provide a title of presentation.
(The title must be indicated by ether alphabetical or numerical characters)

Registration Fee :
Free of charge
(All participants are asked to make registration in advance)

Call for abstract

All presenters are asked to submit your abstract by Oct. 10, 2012, according to the template below.

To submit the abstract, please save it as a Word.doc file and send it by e-mail to
The file name should consist of the family name of
the presenting author(e.g. Kawai.doc)

Abstract Template (word)

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