JSPS-International Training Program (ITP) Step-up Educational Program for Young Bio-Material Scientists On an International Training Network


Program Outline

The Graduate School of Materials Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) is dedicated to education and research in the field of Biomaterials Science. Principle areas of research include the understanding of life and life cycles, drug discovery and development, and healthcare. The NAIST International Training Program (IPT) will build upon our significant international cooperative framework to create a first-rate international training network, specifically designed to enhance communication skills and develop international perspectives in research. The program will be put in place as part of the five-year consecutive researcher training course currently offered at the Graduate School of Materials Science, which has been designed to nurture students into confident, independent researchers. The program comprises the following three steps:

STEP 1 Essential English Ability Skills Program

  • Enhanced English-language education
  • Doctoral course lectures conducted in English

STEP 2 Communication Skills Enrichment Program

  • Overseas English Training Course participation
  • One-on-one tutorials in English with supervisors from overseas institutes

STEP 3 International Perspective & Research Independence Program

  • Lab Stay Course (medium-term overseas research placements)
  • English-language presentations, participation in international symposia, guidance on writing
    papers in English