JSPS-International Training Program (ITP) Step-up Educational Program for Young Bio-Material Scientists On an International Training Network


International Training

Overseas Training (First year PhD students)

About 10 students, mainly first-year doctoral students, will visit the UC Davis campus and participate in the University of California at Davis English Language Training Program for Science-major Students. In addition to improving their English language abilities, students are encouraged to engage in international research activities supervised by scientists from other countries. The standard training period is 4 weeks. A training program specifically for NAIST students has been developed in collaboration with UC Davis graduate students. The program is comprised of the following activities:

  1. Brief presentation on cultural differences:
    Each participating student makes a PowerPoint presentation on a topic related to cultural differences between the US and Japan. Students are expected to gather information on their own, and make a brief presentation in front of other students and faculty at UC Davis.
  2. Strengthening cognitive and analytical capacity in English:
    Includes intensive reading of the latest research papers in science and engineering, participation in lectures, and other audio-visual programs in English.
  3. Pronunciation and listening:
    Comprehensive training on speaking skills such as accent, intonation, reduction, linking, rhythm, and pitch. Dictation and listening exercises will be also given to improve listening comprehension. In addition, students have group discussions with UC Davis students, providing opportunities to learn English conversation techniques intensively, every week.
  4. Research Paper Writing Training:
    Instruction on writing scientific research papers in English. Students learn formats and standard practice in paper-writing, culminating in student-written 3- to 5-page research abstracts based on their own studies.
  5. Materials Sciences Presentations:
    Oral presentation practice based on each student’s research subject. Students learn how to make effective presentations in English. Focused training on vocal tone, pace and gestures is also given.