Sep. 25, 2020

タイ人留学生 Nattakarn Wuthibenjaphonchaiさん(ニックネーム:Fonさん)
インドネシア人留学生 Erus Rustamiさん
タイ人留学生 Natcha Kulmalaさん(ニックネーム:Bamさん)
フィリピン人留学生 Joshua Philippe Olorocisimo君(バイオサイエンス領域の別所研との共同研究学生)

Two doctoral course students and two master's course students of our laboratory received diplomas.

-Doctoral course-
Miss Nattakarn Wuthibenjaphonchai(Nickname: Fon) from Thailand.
Mr. Erus Rustami from Indonesia.

-Master’s course-
Miss Natcha Kulmala(Nickname: Bam) from Thailand
Mr. Joshua Philippe Olorocisimo (The joint research student with Gene Regulation Research Laboratory –Bsssho laboratory- in biological science division.)

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