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Research and Education Center for Materials Science

The Center accommodates state-of-the-art research facilities, including a variety of instruments. The equipment is operated by expert technicians, allowing the characterization of new materials, evaluation of novel properties, and nano-fabrications. These technicians also contribute to the education, research and safety management of the GSMS. In addition to analysis and evaluation of new materials, we focus on design and synthesis of new functional materials which show promise in developing various areas of modern science and advanced technology, including nanotechnology, biotechnology, medicine, energy, environment and space science. Researchers outside of NAIST can also use our analytical facilities on a commission basis.

FacultySpecialtyArea or research
Design of Functional Materials Design and development of photo-responsive molecules and polymers Molecular systems for single molecule manipulation
Photo-responsive bulk molecular materials and interfaces for photonic nanoscience
Associate Professor
Takuya Nakashima
Synthesis of new functional materials
Takayuki Yanagida
Structure Science of Nano-Materials

(Hosoito Lab.) Structure and function of spin electronics materials Structure and material physics of surfaces and hetero-interfaces Magnetic scattering and reflections of X-rays
Nano thin film magnetism