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Message from Director

Jun Ohta

In our Division of Materials Science, we have leading researchers in Physics, Electronics, Chemistry, Chemical Biology, and other more specific fields, striving to meet the demands of society by creating new materials with new functions and properties.

This development of new materials and devices is the foundation supporting state-of-the-art technology.

We elucidate the structures, properties and functions of these new materials at the electron, atomic ,and molecular level, and also provide the design and creation of new multifunctional materials, enabling the development of new devices (i.e., Total Engineering).

These technologies contribute to building new theory, discovering new phenomenon, creating new functional materials and devices, and providing new technology and innovative devices for the next generations.

With an excellent research and education environment, we empower students to challenge themselves in this new advanced interdisciplinary research area and create history from our Division of Materials Science.

Jun Ohta