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Message from Director

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The development of science and technology for future materials is indispensable for solving human problems, such as SDGs and carbon neutrality, and cutting-edge human resources in related fields are highly desired.
The Division of Materials Science was established about 25 years ago as a graduate school of NAIST, and has since aimed at developing and creating science and technology for elucidating the structure, physical properties, and functions of materials at the atomic, electronic, and molecular levels, as well as delivering new functional materials and devices. In this Division today, world-leading faculty members with highly valued research backgrounds have established exemplary research conditions with key facilities and excellent support staff. Their academic specialties cover a wide range of related fields, such as condensed matter physics, devices science, chemistry, and biomaterials. They have been distinguished with a number of prominent research achievements, such as the creation of quantum materials and innovative devices, the development of new molecules and polymer materials, and the realization of unprecedented technologies for precision analysis and fine material processing. This faculty has also succeeded in the expanding research in interdisciplinary fields with information science and biological science.
As the Director of the Division of Materials Science, I will continue striving to create a global core of cutting-edge science, technology, and higher education, in collaboration with my esteemed colleagues of NAIST.

Tsuyoshi Kawai