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Information Device Science Laboratory

Staff & Contact
Educational StaffProf. Yukiharu Uraoka
Associate Prof. Yasuaki Ishikawa
Assistant Prof. Mutsunori Uenuma , Mami Fujii, Bermundo Juan Paolo Soria
ContactTEL: +81-743-72-6060

Many daily necessities around us, such as TVs, computers, and mobile phones, are composed of silicon-based semiconductor devices. The Information Device Science Laboratory conducts research on information function devices that will support the next-generation information society. Key features of our research include the introduction of various new materials on silicon substrates, our own unique designs, and production of semiconductor devices that make the most effective use of their characteristics. Thus, we are working on producing semiconductor devices with innovative functions on the basis of skilled manufacturing.

 1.Transparent Oxide Thin Film Transistors
2.Printed/flexible displays for wearable devices
3.Printing technology for energy harvesting devices, solar cells
4.Power devices based on GaN, diamonds.

  • Flexible Inorganic EL sheet
  • Green Laser Annealing

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