Division of Materials Science, NAIST

Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Staff & Contact
Educational StaffProf. Kiyomi Kakiuchi
Associate Prof. Tsumoru Morimoto
Assistant Prof. Hiroki Tanimoto
ContactTEL: +81-743-72-6080

Our philosophy in the Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratory is to cultivate, through the study on organic synthesis, abilities to (1) understand one another’s research background, (2) make independent, logical research plans, and (3) consider and evaluate obtained results accurately to achieve rational conclusions (with a deep insight into the truth), in order to produce human resources possessing broad perspectives, flexibility and adaptability, and creativity, all of which are essential for researchers. Furthermore, in order to enhance students’ presentation skills, we encourage them to present their research in various meetings and symposia.

Research in our laboratory focuses on photochemistry, natural product chemistry, and organometallic chemistry towards organic synthesis. We are interested in developing new photochemical and catalytic reactions to synthesize compounds of interest to the pharmaceutical industry, especially reactions that are stereoselective. We are also interested in the synthesis of natural products and functional organic materials utilizing developed methods. We are currently focused on our own research centered on the following themes:

1.Development of new methodologies for the synthesis of various functional polycyclic organic compounds, such as biologically active compounds and functional organic materials (Fig. 1).

2.Development of asymmetric photoreactions and devising a new microreactor system using a capillary reactor for organic synthesis (Fig. 2).

3.Development of new environmentally-friendly green organic synthesis processes using organometallic catalysts (Fig. 3).


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