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Photonic and Reactive Molecular Science

Staff & Contact

Educational Staff Prof. Tsuyoshi Kawai
Associate Prof. Tsumoru Morimoto
Assistant Prof. Mihoko Yamada,Louis Marine
Contact FAX: +81-743-72-6179
URL https://mswebs.naist.jp/LABs/kawai/en/index.html

Education and Research Activities in the Laboratory

Research activity of this laboratory is focused on "Photonic Molecular Science", a new research field covering molecules, polymers, coordination compounds and low-dimensional nanomaterials with advanced photo-functionality. We synthesize these new materials for future energy resource, sensors, displays and precision chemical fabrication processes. We welcome students who have been educated in chemistry and chemistry-related fields in Japanese and overseas universities. A small number of students may also join from solid state physics, material science and electronic engineering. Students are motivated to have advanced skills and knowledge on organic and inorganic chemical syntheses and material characterization, which are essential for future advanced researchers in chemistry, material chemistry and device science with photo-functionality. Our current research interest is dedicated to following topics.

Research Themes

1. Photoresponsive molecules composed of three-aromatic units showing photon-induced cyclization and color-change. Some of our compounds show a photochemical quantum yield of almost 100%, photo-induced generation of super-acid capable
of triggering photopolymer patterning, ultra-efficient oxidative cycloreversion, and
photoswitching of fluorescence.
 2. Nanoparticles chemistry through surface molecular design for self-assembly, chiral
chemistry, and composite materials.
 3. Supramolecular functionalization of carbon nanotubes for thermoelectric energy
 4. Coordination compounds based on structurally curved ligands and their supramolecular control of emission properties.


The hazardous radiations such as Ultra-Violet and X-ray oxidative triggers the color-changing cascade of new dyes for 1000 times.

Fig. 2

Enantiomeric Ag29 clusters possessing intrinsically chiral atomic arrangement.

Fig. 3

A representative concept for supramolecular n-type doping of carbon nanotubes.

Recent Research Papers and Achievements

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2. H. Yoshida, M. Ehara, U. D. Priyakumar. T. Kawai, T. Nakashima, "Enantioseparation and Chiral Induction in Ag29 Nanoclusters with Intrinsic Chirality", Chem. Sci., 11, 2394-2400 (2020)  
3. R. Mizutsu, R. Asato, C. J. Martin, M. Yamada, Y. Nishikawa, S. Katao, M. Yamada, T. Nakashima, T. Kawai, "Photo-Lewis Acid Generator Based on Radical-Free 6-pai Photo-Cyclization Reaction", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 141, 20043-20047 (2019)  
4. S. Yonezawa, R. Sethy, G. Fukuhara, T. Kawai, T. Nakashima, "Pressure-dependent guest binding and release on a supramolecular polymer", Chem. Commun., 55, 5793-5796 (2019)  
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6. W. Chiang, Y. Iihara, W. Li, C. Hsieh, S. Lo, C. Goto, A. Tani, T. Kawai, Y. Nonoguchi, "Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties of Boron-substituted Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Films", ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 11, 7235-7241 (2019)