Contact to the office of NAIST-NP by e-mail.

Let's have discussions on the purpose and properties the applicant wishes to get with technical staff and collaboration manager.


Send the application forms (A and B) to the office of NAIST-NP. Your application will be examined to see if it matches this project before accepting.  


Start using. Send sample to NAIST Office of Technical Support for Materials Sience. When scheduled works completed, the data will transfer to the applicant as electronic files with the invoice.

4. PAY

Pay by the due date according to the invoice issued after your utilization by bank transfer.


Send the Use Report (simply described) responding to the call by NAIST-NP office (1page of A4 form sent from our office) This is the obligation of applicant and the report is open-accessed in Nanotech Japan web site.

Types of Support

Consultation Before application, we accept your consultation about using NAIST nanotechnology platform, machine selection and your problems and tasks.
Technical Staff Operation with basic analysis NAIST technical staff do experiment/measurement on your behalf.
Visitor Operation (a permission is necessary on the prescribed training by the technical staff) The share-use is a category for users simply accessing cutting edge equipment as follows; 1) users who have enough skill to use the equipment can operate and get data by themselves, 2) the technicians can help the users under the arrangement of the project. The approval procedure is similar to the joint research, but the member institute will not contribute to the scientific results. Some institutes have technical programs for training the users.
Collaborative Reseach* The users and the technical staff work on the problem together with the data analysis and technical discussion

* : It would be useful when the research may show a diversity in necessary equipment to give effective solutions and final conclusion. This support provides maximum use of equipment up to 7 days and 5 days for Visitor Operation and Technical Staff Operation, respectively.

For customers abroad in academia*

Only Technical Staff Operation is available *: accessible only for the researchers in academia