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GSMS held the NAIST-UPS Doctoral Public Defense

On January 25, 2018, the NAIST-UPS Doctoral Public Defenses were held for the following two students in the double degree program with Université Paul Sabatier (UPS): Jan Patrick Dela Cruz Calpitan, and Mihee Lee,

Both students enrolled as doctoral students at NAIST in April 2015, studied in both universities for more than one year, and will complete their doctoral degrees in March 2018.

Their supervising professors in UPS and the other reviewers attended the Public Defenses to review the students' work. Representatives from the French Embassy in Japan also participated for observation.

For the double degree program, the framework of student exchange has been expanded to a degree-seeking program where students are registered at both NAIST and UPS, in parallel.  Students study under the supervision of professors from both universities for their research and thesis work, and obtain doctoral degrees from both universities.
The Graduate School of Materials Science at NAIST launched this double degree doctoral program with UPS in 2014 and the following two students joined in 2015 as the first candidates.

Student Name: Calpitan, Jan Patrick Dela Cruz
Thesis Title: Highly sensitive terarylenes: synthesis, switching and STM studies
Chief Professor Tsuyoshi Kawai, NAIST
Professor Hisao Yanagi, NAIST
Professor Kenji Matsuda, Kyoto University
Professor Gwenael Rapenne, Universite de Paul Sabatier
Professor Eric Benoist, Universite de Paul Sabatier
Professor Elena Ishow, Universite de Nantes
Dr. Michel Sliwa, CNRS de Lille, Universite de Lill

Student Name:
Reviewers: Mihee Lee
Thesis Title: Atomic and electronic structure at transition metal doped LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface
Chief Professor Hiroshi Daimon, NAIST
Professor Masakazu Nakamura, NAIST
Professor Marie-José Casanove, Universite de Paul Sabatier
Professor Gwenael Rapenne, Universite de Paul Sabatier
Professor Marie-France Beaufort, University of Poitiers
Professor Josep Fontcuberta, University of Barcelona
Professor Mikk Lippmaa, The University of Tokyo