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  4. Taiwan Interdisciplinary Nano / Bio Symposium in Kansai
    January 9-10, 2023

Taiwan Interdisciplinary Nano / Bio Symposium in Kansai
January 9-10, 2023



Japan and Taiwan interdisciplinary exchanges have been established extremely close relationships with great efforts of the pioneer researchers. Now a day, many researchers and students frequently come and go between each other countries, and promote their researches in both countries. Unfortunate matter in recent two year is COVID19 pandemic, which prevents the exchanges with face-to-face communications. In the current situation that the pandemic will end soon, re-acceleration of the exchanges is priority issue. This symposium is held to accelerate Japan and Taiwan interdisciplinary exchanges more than before the pandemic. The topics is focused in interdisciplinary researches with nanotechnology and biotechnology. We invite researchers and students who have extended these researches and who are starting new collaboration in both countries, and discuss future possibilities and design new trials, especially in Kansai area. NAIST organizes the symposium based on experiences of previous joint researches and collaborations with Taiwanese universities, and hopes to expand the human network to neighbor universities both countries.

Sponsored by: The Japan Society of Applied Physics Kansai Chapter, The Japanese Photochemistry Association Supported by: The Chemical Society of Japan

*Thanks to your support, the event was a great success. Thank you very much. 2023/1/11