Division of Materials Science, NAIST

GIST-NCTU-NAIST International Joint Symposium 2013 :GNN Joint Symposium on Innovative Materials for Future Technology

Date: November 21-26, 2013 Place: Department of Materials Science, NAIST, Nara, Japan

NAIST will host the 4th GIST-NCTU-NAIST International Joint Symposium on Advanced Materials:GNN Joint Symposium on Innovative Materials for Future Technology at Nara, Japan. We welcome faculty members and students to participate in this joint symposium. This symposium is partly sponsored by the “Global Initiatives Program for Promoting Overseas Collaborative Research Toward Graduate Education in Biological Sciences, Nano Science, and Information Technology (Global Initiatives Program)” from MEXT. The Global Initiative Program encourages students to participate in international workshops, give presentations, and take part in discussions in English in order to develop communication skills, exchange views on research with fellow graduate students, and develop ties with researchers and students from around the globe. To facilitate student’s contribution to the symposium we involve Ph.D students candidates in the Organizing Committee. They are expected to play active roles in various situations of the symposium and to formulate a detailed program. Please encourage your students to give oral presentations in the symposium. We will accept 3-4 oral student talks and four invited lectures by faculties from each institute. In addition, we would like to call for poster presentations from students. Students giving oral presentations are also welcome to present in the poster session. In addition to the symposium, other events for promoting friendship among us, especially our students, will also be planned. We cordially appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation in the 4th GNN symposium.

GIST: Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
NCTU: College of Science, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
NAIST: Graduate School of Materials Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Foundation for NAIST
JSPS-International Training Program(ITP)
Global Initiatives Program
Nara Visitors Bureau

International Organizing Committee
Professor Gun Young Jung GIST
Professor Jenh-Yih Juang NCTU
Professor Hiroshi Daimon NAIST

Student organizing committee
Chair: Tomohiro Sakata (4th year Ph.D course)
Co-chairs: Dian Novitasari(4th), Manami Tsukamoto(4th)
Jennifer T. Damasco Ty(3rd)
Taku Konishi(3rd)
Liu Tao(3rd)
Norimitsu Wakama(5th)
Koji Yoshitsugu(3rd)
Hideki Nishimura(4th)
Mitsuhiro Ito(2nd)
Takuma Furusawa(2nd)
Kotaro Takahashi(2nd)
Rui Kanazawa(2nd)
Nozomu Suzuki(3rd)
Chunguang Ren(3rd)
Nanomi Nishimura(4th)

Local Organizing Committee
Prof. Takuya Nakashima  NAIST
Prof. Naoki Aratani           NAIST
Prof. Fumihiko Matsui     NAIST
Prof. Takanobu Jujo         NAIST
Prof. Junpei Yuasa            NAIST
Prof. Masahiro Horita      NAIST

Symposium secretariat
Ms. Wakako Masuda      wakako@ad.naist.jp
Prof. Takuya Nakashima  ntaku@ms.naist.jp

Nov 20 (Wed)    Guests’ arrived at Nara.
Nov 21 (Thu)     GIST-NCTU-NAIST Joint Symposium 2013*
Welcome party at campus
Nov 22 (Fri)      GIST-NCTU-NAIST Joint Symposium 2013*
Banquet at Keihanna Plaza Hotel
Nov 23 (Sat)      Excursion (Tour to landmarks in Nara city)
Dinner at Nara
Nov 24 (Sun)     Free time
Nov 25 (Mon)    Lab. stay 1
Nov 26 (Tue)     Lab. stay 2
Nov 27 (Wed)    Students’ departure

to be announced

to be announced

Please pay for the registration fee at the registration desk on Nov. 21th (9:30~ Registration)

Registration fee (tentative):
Students     5,000  JPYen
Staff            15,000 JPYen
Registration fee includes:
・Conference material with final program, book of abstracts and proceedings.
・Coffee breaks, lunches(21st, 22nd), dinners (21st, 22nd), breakfasts (students only).

We will provide the receipt for the payment. Please prepare cash in Japanese Yen for the registration in advance.

Conference: Main lecture hall at the Graduate School of Materials Science, NAIST Banquet: Keihanna Plaza Hotel

to be announced



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