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情報機能素子科学研究室のChaiyanan Kulchaisit君(博士前期課程2年)がIMFEDK 2014国際会議においてBest Paper Awardを受賞

2014年6月19-20日に龍谷大学アバンティ京都ホールにて開催されたIMFEDK 2014 (2014 International Meeting for Future of Electron Devices, Kansai)国際会議において,情報機能素子科学研究室のChaiyanan Kulchaisit君がBest Paper Awardを受賞しました.同賞は,口頭発表11件,ポスター発表38件の中から最優秀(1位)に選ばれました.

Reliability of Bottom Gate Amorphous InGaZnO Thin-Film Transistors with Siloxane Passivation Layer

Chaiyanan Kulchaisit(M2),藤井茉美(助教),上岡義弘(平成25年度博士後期課程修了生),Juan Paolo Bermundo(D2), 堀田昌弘(助教), 石河泰明(准教授),浦岡行治(教授)

First, I want to thank to film device group of information device science laboratory members and also my friends for their all help and support.
I’m very proud of being considered for an IEEE IMFEDK 2014 Award. This is a great chance and honor for me.
This award inspires myself to continue my experiment, does better work for next conferences.
And I hope this award can inspire my laboratory member to keep going their experiment and get good results.
Finally, I want to thank to Prof. Yukiharu Uraoka, Associate Prof. Yasuaki Ishikawa, and Assistant Prof. Mami Fujii for the great advices in any cases, “without them without me”.





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