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光情報分子科学研究室のLi Ruiji君(博士後期課程3年)が2016年光化学討論会にてポスター賞を受賞

平成28年09月06日~08日に東京大学駒場第一キャンパスで開催された2016年光化学討論会にて光情報分子科学研究室のLi Ruiji君(博士後期課程3年)が、ポスター賞を受賞しました。



Self-Contained Photoacid Generator Using a Subsequent Reaction of Photocyclization of Teraylenes

Li Ruiji(博士後期課程3年)、中嶋 琢也(准教授)・河合 壯(教授)

I am very thankful to Kawai sensei, Nakashima sensei and our group for their support and encouragement for our research and the attendance of the Annual Meeting on Photochemistry 2016. The award which I got will motivate me to take up new challenges in the field of our future and encourage me to work hard with more enthusiasm. I hope my research will be more productive in our laboratory.

Photoacid generators (PAGs) are photosensitive molecules which capable of releasing protons upon exposure to light irradiation. New PAG molecules were designed based on our photon-quantitative reaction compound in polar solvent with asymmetric molecular structures. And at the same time, we also prepared structure isomer of the previous PAG by changing the framework in order to further increase the efficiency of mesylic acid release. The results showed that the new PAGs haze high efficiency and can be used for photoinduced polymerization and chemically amplified photoresist systems.

(Li Ruiji)




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