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光機能素子科学研究室のWan Shen Hee君(博士後期課程2年)が2017 GIST–NAIST–NCTU Joint Symposium on Advanced Materialsにて口頭発表賞(Gold Prize)を受賞

2017年10月30、31日に韓国Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology(GIST)にて開催された2017 GIST–NAIST–NCTU Joint Symposium on Advanced Materialsで、光機能素子科学研究室のHee Wan Shen君が口頭発表賞(Gold Prize)を受賞しました。同賞は、最新の研究成果に関する発表を行い、研究内容・プレゼンテーション・質疑応答などの観点から優れた発表者を表彰するものです。今回は31名の学生から計7名が受賞しました。

Dual Color In-Vivo FRET Image Sensor – Fabrication and Development using CMOS Technology

Wan Shen Hee, Kenta Nakamoto, Makito Haruta, Toshihiko Noda, Kiyotaka Sasagawa, Takashi Tokuda and Jun Ohta

First of all, I would like to thanks all the professors in the Photonic Device Science Laboratory for their guidance and support. I could not achieved it without their help. This award serve as a great motivation boast for me and it will spur me on to work harder in my research to archive greater height.

A small image sensor is produced using CMOS technology. By casting some optical filters on the photodiodes, it can be used to detect fluorescene light emitted from molecules which tagged with fluorescence proteins as a results of FRET activity. The detection of FRET signal in in-vitro experiment using this image sensor is successful, but the in-vivo experiment is still ongoing. Currently I am also working on the development of wireless imaging platform for the image sensor to enable long term FRET observation.



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