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凝縮系物性学研究室の比嘉友大さん(博士前期課程2年)がInternational Symposium of Surface Science 8においてTravel Awardを受賞

2017年10月22日から26日にかけて開催されたInternational Symposium of Surface Science 8において、比嘉友大さん(博士前期課程2年)がTravel Awardを受賞しました。同賞は382件の講演のうち、特に優れた講演を行った9名に対して授与されました。

Active dopant concentration in Si(001) with ion-implanted dopant studied by angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy

Yudai Higa, Sakura Nishino Takeda, Tatsuya Ebato, Masatoshi Yoneda, Akiho Fujinaka, Kazuho Morita, Natsuki Morimoto, A. K. R. Ang, Hiroshi Daimon, and Kazuo Tsutsui




Active dopant concentration in ultra-shallow region (several nm from the surface) is an important factor to improve the property of source/drain electrodes in nano-scaled MOSFETs. Recipients have recently developed a new method to measure “active” dopant concentration in ultra-shallow region by measuring the quantized electronic structure in inversion layer formed in ultra-shallow region and applied this method to As-ion implanted Si(001). In this work, very high active dopant concentration in ion implanted Si was obtained and it was revealed that it changes, depending on annealing times and temperature. It was concluded these results are reasonable by SIMS and Hall measurement. Therefore, this can be regarded as a useful method to measure active dopant concentration in ultra-shallow region.




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