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ナノ高分子材料研究室のPreeyarad Charoensumranさん(博士後期課程2年)がPACCON2018(タイ国)においてBest Oral Presentation Awardを受賞

2018年2月7-9日にタイ国Hat Yaiにて開催されましたPure and Applied Chemistry International Conference (PACCON 2018)において、ナノ高分子材料研究室のPreeyarad Charoensumran(D2)さんが、「Best Oral Presentation Award」を受賞しました。本会議は、タイ国化学会主催の国際会議として毎年行われているもので、世界各国から化学の広い分野の研究者が参加し、最新の研究成果を討論し、国際的な交流を深める学会です。今年の招待講演ではノーベル化学受賞者のProf. Dr. Sir J. Fraser Stoddartが基調講演しました。同賞は、各セッションにおいて座長及び審査員により、研究内容、スライド、質疑応答などが採点され、もっとも優れた口頭発表を行なった学生に対して与えられるのものであり、Preeyarad Charoensumran氏は、Polymer Chemistryのセッション発表者15件中で1件、もっとも優れた発表として受賞しました。

The assembly of polystyrene gels with limonene based on electrostatic interaction in the aqueous media

Preeyarad Charoensumran・網代広治(特任准教授)

First of all, I would like to thanks sincerely my supervisor, Assoc. Prof. Hiroharu Ajiro for his support and advice. Also thanks all members in Nanomaterials and Polymer Chemistry Laboratory for their helps and material science department for support the student activity, I really appreciate that. This award motivated me to keep developing myself. And I will do my best to achieve the research goal.

Generally, the organogels are known as swollen materials with organic solvent. Most of the researches on organogels reported physical gel, which sometimes shows a low mechanical strength. Furthermore, they still have a limitation on toxicity of the organic solvent. Thus, we motivate to prepare the organogels with chemical crosslinking to improve the stability and mechanical strength of the material. In this study, we prepared polystyrene gels with limonene, expecting low-toxic natural compound and environment friendly materials. We also introduced the 4-vinylpyridine (green) and 4-styrene sulfonate (red) as cation and anion moiety, respectively (Figure). The cation gel, which was composed of styrene, divinylbenzene, and 4-vinylpyridine (95/5/5, mol/mol/mol), showed about 0.26 MPa as a fracture stress by the compressive test. This result is higher than that the neutral gel (0.08 MPa), which was composed of styrene and divinylbenzene (95/5, mol/mol). On the other hand, the swelling ratio of the cation gel (2.6) showed smaller than that of the neutral gel (3.4). This result suggests that the low solubility of cation moiety influenced on the network density and mechanical strengths. We will also demonstrate the organogel assemblies in aqueous media by the electrostatic interaction of the gel surfaces.



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