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バイオミメティック分子科学研究室のHao Jinyuさん(博士前期課程2年)が、膜シンポジウム2019にて学生賞を受賞

2019年11月12, 13日に大阪大学基礎工学部にて開催された、日本膜学会・膜シンポジウム2019において、バイオミメティック分子科学研究室のHao Jinyuさん(博士前期課程2年)が学生賞を受賞しました。同賞は、膜シンポジウム2019で発表された84件のポスター発表のうち、17件の優秀な発表に対して授与されたものです。

Spontaneously Formed Lipid Bilayer Nanodisc as a Novel Carrier for Drug Delivery

Hao Jinyu、光好 佑麿、Rapenne Gwénaël、安原 主馬

I am greatly honored to receive this award. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of my laboratory members especially my supervisors, Yasuhara-sensei and Rapenne-sensei who give me energetic guidance and support. This award encouraged me a lot for my future research.

Drug delivery systems have attracted a lot of attention due to their potential to enhance the efficacy of medicinal drugs with diminishing unexpected side effects. Development of nanocarriers that can efficiently deliver the drugs to a specific target is needed to realize the drug delivery systems. In this study, we developed a membrane-active amphiphilic polymer that spontaneously forms lipid bilayer nanodiscs through the fragmentation of membrane. We examined the interaction of the lipid bilayer nanodiscs with cells to demonstrate their potential as a novel molecular carrier for drug delivery.






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