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Functional Organic Chemistry Lab.

We focus on the development of functional organic materials including organic semiconductors, highly fluorescent dyes, near-infrared (NIR) dyes, and carbon nanomaterials.

We are fascinated by beautiful and huge organic structures with high symmetry.



We started new academic year!



We design and synthesize novel π-conjugated compounds, evaluate their physical properties, and explore their new functions.

Construction of π-conjugated molecules with beautiful shapes and novel functionality

We are developing new synthesis methods for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons such as nanocarbons and oligoacenes, which have a unique shape and are chemically stable with an extended π-conjugated system. We are also synthesizing highly efficient light-emitting materials by utilizing typical elements and their material features.

Molecular design of novel nanocarbon materials with absorption and emission in the near-infrared region

We are interested in designing molecules with long wavelength absorption and luminescence. We have treated fullerenes, which have been mainly used as electron-accepting materials, as chromophores and succeeded in creating luminescent molecules that work in the near-infrared region.

Publications & Activity


Large Oligorylene

Ryuichi' work(a series of oligorylenes)is now on Chem. Eur. J.!


NAIST Best Student Award

Our students awarded NAIST Best Student Award in 2023


Top Downloaded Article

Keiji's paper in ChemPhotoChem was top-downloaded!


Large Arylenes

Ryo's paper was selected as HOT paper in Chem. Eur. J.!!


The Chemical Society of Japan Annual Meeting

We participated and presented at the 103rd Spring Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan.


Other Publications


For Students


Join us in the Functional Organic Chemistry Laboratory!

We welcome students who love organic synthesis, who are interested in the structure of organic compounds and their photophysical and electronic properties, and who are interested in the development of functional organic materials.



Dr. Naoki Aratani

Associate Professor

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Dr. Kyohei Matsuo

Assistant Professor


D3 加納春華 Kano Haruka JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC2)
D3 森本裕詞 Morimoto Hirofumi University Fellowship
D2 Aissam Okba Double Degree Program
D2(秋入学) Amrutha Manoj Lena University Fellowship
M2 岡田悠汰 Okada Yuta
M2 川原宏貴 Kawahara Hiroki
M2 清水結佳 Shimizu Yuka
M2 中西秀徳 Nakanishi Hidenori
M2 宮﨑和哉 Miyazaki Kazuya
M2 山本築 Yamamoto Kizuku
M1 笠倉望路 Nozomi Kasakura