Mr. Teruyuki Tachibana (Master course second-year student) in Molecular Complex Systems Science Laboratory received the Best Presentation Award at the 2024 Kinki Branch Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society.


On May 25, 2024, a student in the Laboratory of Molecular Complex Systems Science received the “Excellent Presentation Award” at the Kinki Branch Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society. The award is given to high school, university, and graduate school students in the biochemistry field for their outstanding character and academic achievement, with the aim of encouraging and promoting research by young researchers in the field of biochemistry. This year, 9 awards were given among the 75 eligible participants.

Presentation title

Structural study of the nuclear transport mechanism of the ependymoma-driving fusion protein ZFTA-RELA.


Tachibana Teruyuki (NAIST), Imamura Shoma (NAIST), Yamazaki Yoichi (NAIST), Yonezawa Kento (NAIST), Ishii Masaki (Musashino University), Kawauchi Daisuke (Nagoya City Univerisity), Ohata Shinya (Musashino University), Kamikubo Hironari (NAIST),
Toma-Fukai Sachiko (NAIST)

Research detail

Ependymomas are tumors of ventricular ependymal cells that are primarily caused by ZFTA-RelA fusion. Constant nuclear transport of ZFTA-RelA strongly induces the expression of genes associated with ependymoma pathogenesis. We have confirmed the binding of ZFTA to nuclear transport receptors at a certain molar ratio.


I am very honored to receive this prestigious award. I could not have achieved this without the guidance of my professors and the cooperation of my laboratory members. I am also very grateful to our secretary who prepares documents for conferences and other events on a daily basis. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all of them.