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In our laboratory, we introduce high-power femtosecond laser pulses into an optical microscope for processing, manipulating, and measuring biological samples under the microscope.

We provide our facilities as a platform of cell processing using femtosecond laser and we have conducted many research collaborations with biological and medical researchers.

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If you are interested in cell manipulation and processing experiments using femtosecond laser, please contact us.

Femtosecond laser amplifiers

Our laboratory has two femtosecond laser amplifiers from Spectra Physics: Solstice (800 nm, 150 fs, 5 kHz, 2.5 W) and Sprit one (1040 nm, 400 fs, 1 MHz, 8 W). The output of these lasers is available combined with following microscope systems.

Microscope system A (inverted microscope + atomic force microscope)

This system can perform surface shape measurement with an atomic force microscope, force mapping and micro laser processing at the same time. We are conducting experiments to quantitatively evaluate the impact force induced by femtosecond lasers and to measure changes in the surface shape and elastic modulus distribution of biological samples due to laser processing.

Microscope system B (inverted microscope + spectrometer)

This system enables femtosecond laser processing with microspectroscopy. For fluorescence spectroscopy, 488 nm and 532 nm are available as excitation sources. We analyze cellular condition based on fluorescence and scattering spectral.

Microscope system C (inverted microscope + confocal laser microscope)

This system enables femtosecond laser processing with simultaneous fluorescence observation under confocal laser microscope. 488 nm and 532 nm are available as fluorescence excitation sources. As possible applications, we have demonstrated delivery of fluorescent molecules into single cells by femtosecond laser photoporation, and selective processing of cell samples labeled with green fluorescent protein (GFP).

Cell Sorter

Clean booth

Standard cell culture facility

We have a standard cell culture facility to handle cells in a room next to the laser laboratory. We also have an artificial climate chamber for plant cultivation. The sample prepared here is transported directly to the laser laboratory through a pass box.

A working space for processing;F209

We have a working space for metallic processing and electronics. Here, we make a jig for biological samples under a microscope.

Research Facilities of NAIST

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