Stiffness of biological tissue

Precise evaluation of stiffness of micro-sized biological object

When the femtosecond laser pulse was focused on a point in the water some distance away from a plant, Arabidopsis thaliana, and a stress wave is loaded on the root. The deformation in the root by the impact of the impulsive force was detected by atomic force microscope (AFM). The sensitivity of the deformation is nm scale. We are considering a method to analyze the stiffness of the stem from the bending movement of the cantilever.

<Figure 1>

<Figure 1>An AFM cantilever is contacted on the top of a plant root (left) immersed in water. The vibrations in the plant root induced by the impulsive force was detected as a bending movement of the AFM cantilever (right).

Masanobu Takenaka, Takanori Iino, Akira Nagatani, Yoichiroh Hosokawa, "Nanoscale bending movement of biological micro-object induced by femtosecond laser impulse and its detection by AFM," Appl. Phys. Express 7, 087002. (2014)