Development of a high throughput cell sorting system

We develop a new type of on-chip cell sorting system based on the impulsive force induced by focused femtosecond laser in a microfluidic chip. To date, we have demonstrated higher-throughput sorting of micro-objects and cells than conventional methods. To achieve even higher-throughput, we work on aligning of micro-objects in the channel and optimization of chip structures.

Acoustic focusing

To align cells in a microfluidic chip without damage, we apply acoustic focusing based on acoustic standing waves generated by a piezoelectric element attached to a microfluidic chip. The operating parameters of the piezoelectric element depending on the target is optimizing through fabrication of a power supply to drive the piezoelectric element with high-frequency, and direct observation of the chip vibration.

Arrangement of small objects in a microfluidic chip using femtosecond laser microfabrication.

To align small objects flowing in a microfluidic chip, microstructures was fabricated in the glass channel by femtosecond laser processing. High-speed imaging revealed that the object was displaced toward the center of the channel passing over the microstructure. We are trying more precise alignment of the micro objects through optimization of the design of microstructures.