Molecule introduction into cells using femtosecond laser

We are developing a method to introduce various molecules into a single cell and control its function in a tissue using femtosecond laser.

Molecular introduction into a single animal cell using femtosecond laser-induced impulsive force.

Femtosecond laser impulsive force is applied to form a nanometer-scale pore on the cell membrane without irradiating the laser pulse directly. After laser focusing beside the cell, we can observe introduction of small fluorescent molecules added in the cell culture medium.

Introduction of macromolecules into plant cells using femtosecond laser photoinjection

Unlike animal cells, plant cells have a thick and rigid cell wall that inhibits the introduction of molecules by photoporation. We apply amplified intense femtosecond laser pulse to form pores effectively on the cell wall and succeeded in introducing macromolecular into a single plant cell.