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S. Takano, H. Hirai, T. Nakashima, T. Iwasa, T. Taketsugu, T. Tsukuda

Photoluminescence of Doped Superatoms M@Au12 (M = Ru, Rh, Ir) Homoleptically Capped by (Ph2)PCH2P(Ph2): Efficient Room-Temperature Phosphorescence from Ru@Au12
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 10.1021/jacs.1c05019.



W. Ishii, S. Katao, Y. Nishikawa, Y. Okajima, A. Hatori, M. Ehara, T. Kawai, T. Nakashima The Emergence of Intense Near-Infrared Photoluminescence by Photoactivation of Silver Nanocluster
Chem. Commun.,57, 6483-6486 (2021)(Back Cover)


S. Yonezawa, T. Kawai, T. Nakashima

Supramolecualr Copolymerization of Bichromophoric Chiral and Achiral Perylenediimide Dyes

Front. Chem., 9, 652703 (2021)


H. Kubo, T. Hirose, T. Nakashima, T. Kawai, J. Hasegawa, K. Matsuda

Tuning Transition Electric and Magnetic Dipole Moments:[7] Helicenes Showing Intense Circularly Polarized Luminescence

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S. Yamasaki, S. Ishida, S. Kim, M. Yamada, T. Nakashima, T. Kawai, S. Kurihara, T. Fukaminato

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Chem. Commun., 57, 5422-5425 (2021)


R. Asato, C. J. Martin, S. Abid, Y. Gisbert, F. Asanoma, T. Nakashima, C. Kammerer, T. Kawai, G. Rapenne

Molecular Rotor Functionalized with a Photoresponsive Brake

Inorg. Chem., 60, 3492-3501 (2021)



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Chem. Mater., 32, 8412-8419 (2020)

H. Yoshida, J. Kumar, M. Ehara, Y. Okajima, F. Asanoma, T. Kawai, T. Nakashima
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Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn., 93, 834-840 (2020)


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R. Asato, C. J. Martin, J. P. D. C. Calupitan, R. Mizutsu, T. Nakashima, G. Okada, N. Kawaguchi, T. Yanagida, T. Kawai

Photosynergetic Amplification of Radiation Input: from Efficient UV Induced Cycloreversion to Sensitive X-ray Detection

Chem. Sci., 11, 2504-2510 (2020)


T. Nakashima, K. Shigekawa, S. Katao, F. Asanoma, T. Kawai
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Sci. Technol. Adv. Mater., 21, 187-194 (2020)


S. Tsunega, R.-H. Jin, T. Nakashima, T. Kawai

Transfer of Chiral Information from Sillica to Photolunimescenes: Simple Approach Accessing Circularly Polarized Luminescent Systems
ChemPlusChem, 85, 616-626 (2020)



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D. Asthana, S. Hisamitsu, M. Morikawa, P. Duan, T. Nakashima, T. Kawai, N. Yanai, N. Kimizuka

Aqueous Photon Upconversion by Anionic Acceptors Self-Assembled on Cationic Bilayer Membranes with a Long Triplet Lifetime

Org. Mater., 1, 043-049 (2019)


M. Hatakeda, S. Toohara, T. Nakashima, S. Sakurai, K. Kuroiwa

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Int. J. Mol. Sci., 20, 3298 (2019)


J. P. D. C. Calupitan, O. Galangau, T. Nakashima, T. Kawai, G. Rapenne
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Chem. Sci., 10, 843-847 (2019)



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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 56, 15053-15057 (2017) (Back cover)


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Programmed Self-Assembly of Branched Nanocrystals with an Amphiphilic Surface Pattern

ACS Nano, 11, 9312-9320 (2017)


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Amphiphilic Self-assembly of Semiconductor Nanocrystals with Heterogeneous Compositions

Europhys. Lett., 118, 68001 (2017) (Invited Research Article)


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Synergistic Impacts of Electrolyte Adsorption on the Thermoelectric Properties of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

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J. Kuno, T. Kawai, T. Nakashima

Effect of Suraface Ligands on the Optical Activity of Mercury Sulfide Nanoparticles

Nanoscale, 9, 11590-11595 (2017)

Graphical abstract: The effect of surface ligands on the optical activity of mercury sulfide nanoparticles


J. P. D. C. Culpitan, O. Galangau, O. Guillermet, R. Coratger, T. Nakashima, G. Rapenne, T. Kawai
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Self-Contained Photoacid Generator for Super Acid Based on Photochromic Terayle

Chem. Commun., 53, 4339-4341 (2017)


R. Kanazawa, T. Nakashima, T. Kawai

Photophysical Properties of a Terarylene Photoswitch with a Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Bridging Unit

J. Phys. Chem. A, 121, 1638-1646 (2017)

Abstract Image


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Chem. Eur. J., 22, 16250-16257 (2016)

Link to full-size graphical abstract


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A Versatile Surface Design to Disperse Nanoparticles in Ionic Liquids and Organic Solvents

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Link to full-size graphical abstract


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Link to full-size graphical abstract


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