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Lab members

-Photonic Device Science-

Associate Professo Kiyotaka Sasagawa e-mail:sasagawa
phone: 0743-72-6050
fax: 0743-72-6052
office: F605
Adjunct Associate Professor Hiroyuki Tashiro e-mail:tashiro
phone: 0743-72-6050
fax: 0743-72-6052
office: F605
Adjunct Associate Professor Makito Haruta e-mail: m-haruta
Hironari Takehara
Honghao Tang tang.honghao.ti7
Akihiro Kanda wcup-kanda
Noriaki Matsuura n-matsuura
Secretary Ryoko Fukuzawa fukuzawa

-Research Laboratory on Next Generation Biomedical Engineering-

Professor Jun Ohta e-mail: ohta
phone: 0743-72-6051
fax: 0743-72-6052
office: Interdisciplinary Frontier Research Complex No.1 3F 306
Adjunct Professor Yasuo Terasawa e-mail:
Associate Professor(Concurrent post) Kiyotaka Sasagawa e-mail:sasagawa
phone: 0743-72-6050
fax: 0743-72-6059
office: F605
Adjunct Associate Professor Makito Haruta e-mail:
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Yoshinori Sunaga e-mail: sunaga.yoshinori
phone: 0743-72-6079
fax: 0743-72-6052
office: Interdisciplinary Frontier Research Complex No.1 3F 306
Kenzo Shodo shodo
Satoshi Yodogawa yodogawa.satoshi.yr2
Yasumi Ohta
Tso Kuang Chih
Mamiko Kawahara
Secretary Ryoko Fukuzawa fukuzawa


D3 Fall Treepetchkul Thanaree thanaree.treepetchkul.tm7
Virgil Christian Garcia Castillo castillo.virgil_christian.cr3
D3 Spring Ryoma Okada okada.ryoma.on9
D2 Spring Yuki Nakanishi nakanishi.yuki.nw7
D1 Spring Arporn Promking promking.arphorn.pd0
M2 Fall Wisaroot Sriitsaranusorn sriitsaranusorn.wisaroot.sv7
M2 Speing Subaru Iwaki iwaki.subaru.iq6
Takaya Hattori hattori.takaya.hp8
Tsubasa Yamakata yamakata.tsubasa.ys8
M1 Spring Yoshinori Kawabe kawabe.yoshinori.ky8
Shunsuke Segawa segawa.shunsuke.st1
Katsuya Hyodo hyodo.katsuya.hk5
Research Student Chen Kuan Hsun chen.kuan_hsun.ck9

Previous members

professor Jun Ohta Retired on March 31. Prof. Ohta will continue his responsibilities as Executive Director & Vice President and Professor of the Institute of Research Initiatives at the NAIST.
Specially Appointed Assistant Professo Hironari Takehara Retired on March 31.
Assistant Professor Makito Haruta Moved to Chitose Institute of Science and Technology (CIST) as an Associate Professor on April 1, 2023.
Post Doctral Fellow Rebusi Romeo Brioso
Resigned on Aug.31, 2022.
Adjunct Assistant Professor Akira Masuda Resigned on June.30, 2022. Move to SHIN NIPPON BIOMEDICAL LABORATORIES, LTD.,
Post Doctral Fellow Erus Rustami
Resigned on Mar.31, 2021. After returning to Indonesia, he will be a lecturer at IPB University.
Researcher Tomoo Oku Resigned on Mar.31, 2021.
Researcher Juri Hotta Resigned on Mar.31, 2021.
Researcher Madoka Shimada Resigned on November 30, 2019.
Associate Professor Takashi Tokuda Moved to Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology (FIRST), Institute of Innovative Research (IIR), Tokyo Institute of Technology as a Professor on April 1, 2019.
Post Doctral Fellow Ayaka Kimura Moved to Jikei University School of Medicine as a postdoctoral fellowon April 1, 2019.
Post Doctral Fellow Yoshinori Sunaga Moved to University of Houston as a postdoctoral fellow on April 1, 2019.
Researcher Rika Takahashi Resigned on Mar.31, 2019.
Assistant Prof. Toshihiko Noda Moved to Toyohashi University of Technology, as an associate professor on Oct. 1, 2018.
Researcher Hironari Takehara Promoted to a Specially Appointed Assistant Professor from Postdoctoral Researcher on Oct. 1, 2018.
Researcher Yoshiko Noda Resigned on Sep. 30, 2018.
Assistant Prof. Hiroaki Takehara Moved to School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, as an assistant professor on Oct. 1, 2016.
Researcher Yasumi Ohta Resigned on Mar. 31, 2016.
Researcher Mayumi Motoyama Resigned on Feb. 29, 2016.
Secretary Kazumi Matsumoto Resigned on May 31, 2015.
Researcher Yoshiko Noda Resigned on April 30, 2015.
Researcher Yasuyo Maezawa Resigned on March 31, 2014.
Researcher Ai Hachisuka Resigned on August 31, 2013.
Post Doctral Fellow Takuma Kobayashi Moved to Research Institute of Oriental Medicine, Kinki University, as an assistant professor on July 1, 2012.
Post Doctral Fellow Ayato Tagawa Joined to Sysmex corp. in May, 2011.
Post Doctral Fellow Yumiko (Noguchi) Hatanaka Moved to the National institute for physiological sciences in April, 2011.
Post Doctral Fellow David C. NG Moved to the Unversity of Melbourne on April 9, 2008.
Professor Masahiro Nunoshita Retired on March 31, 2008.
Assistant Professor Keiichiro Kagawa Moved to Laboratory of Information Photonics, Department of Information and Physical Sciences, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University as an associate professor on October 1, 2007
Secretary Yuki Asano Resigned on December 31, 2003.


Year and month of completion of the courses Name Title
Mar. 2024 Shuhei Nomura Electrochemical characterization of porous stimulation electrodes for a suprachoroidal–transretinal stimulation retinal prosthesis under longterm in vivo stimulation (doctral dissertation)
Takuro Kono Development of micro-hermetic packages and multilayer flexible circuit boards for retinal prostheses (doctral dissertation)
Ronnakorn Siwadamrongpong Development of implantable multifunctional sensing system for fluorescence imaging and fast-scan cyclic voltammetry (doctral dissertation)
Pan kaige Development of Multi-layer Flexible Retinal Prosthetic Devices with CMOS Smart Electrodes for Minimal Invasiveness (doctral dissertation)
Yoshihiro Akamatsu Exposure time control method of polarization image sensor for improving signal to noise ratio in high frequency electric field imaging
Yuki Ito Front light structure for fluorescence excitation in miniaturized imaging device
Tamayo Sano Fabrication and evaluation of fluorescence imaging device for neural activity in the nucleus accumbens under optical stimulation in the ventral tegmental area
Keinoshin Takada Studies on high image quality of near-infrared multispectral fundus camera with fixation target accommodating for high refractive anomalies and on radiation-resistant RGB filter
Naruhisa Yoshida Fabrication and evaluation of CMOS chip-based flexible retinal prosthesis devices for multiple module structure
Keigo Yoroi Angle selective pixels with asymmetric structure for improving spatial resolution of lensless image sensor
Ouyang Xinyuan Fabrication process of a retinal prosthesis device with CMOS smart electrodes on parylene thin film substrate
Sep. 2023 Latiful Akbar Application of in vivo CMOS imaging device with microdialysis and optogenetics for studying serotonergic neurons in pain modulation (doctral dissertation)
Natcha Kulmala Development of Lensless Imaging Device with Hybrid Filter for Dual-color Fluorescence and Time-lapse Cell Observation (doctral dissertation)
Joshua Philippe Olorocisimo Neuroengineering a brain-implantable imaging device and photostimulator toward a closed-loop system for seizure control (doctral dissertation)
June 2023 Motoshi Sobue Development and evaluation of image sensor and image processing technologies for practical use of near-infrared color fundus camera(doctral dissertation)
Mar. 2023 Kenji Sugie Improvement of spatial resolution and integration of extracellular recording in an implantable CMOS image sensor (doctral dissertation)
Nicha Sato Metal-oxide nanoparticles-modified microelectrode for neurotransmitters detection by fast-scan cyclic voltammetry (doctral dissertation)
Tang Honghao Multichannel bandpass mosaic filter for spectral imaging in near-infrared fundus camera (doctral dissertation))
Yuki Nakanishi Design of AC-powered CMOS chip and high-speed operation system for retinal prosthesis
Takanori Hagiwara Fabrication process of multi-module retinal prosthesis with CMOS smart electrodes
Atsushi Fujita Development of fluorescence imaging and analysis methods for nicotine stimulation-induced neural activity in two deep brain regions
Yusuke Horiki Applications of dielectric multi-layer optical filters to near-infrared color fundus camera and radiation-resistant image sensor
Sep. 2022 Barbara Teixeira Sais Miniaturized device for simultaneous imaging and electrophysiology signal acquirement and fluorescence image processing in vivo and in vitro (doctral dissertation)
Pakpuwadon Thanet Development of self-reset image sensor with high signal-to-noise ratio for in-vivo imaging (doctral dissertation)
Kyosuke Naganuma Multifunctional Implantable Device with Hybrid Integration for Electrophysiological and Optical Measurements into Rodent's Deep Brain (doctral dissertation)
Mark Christian Guinto Head-mounted CMOS-based imaging devices for probing mesoscale dynamics of mouse brain activit (doctral dissertation)
Mohamad Izzat Azmer Bin Adnan Development of a miniaturized light source with an excitation filter for in-vivo imaging (doctral dissertation)
Mar. 2022 Yasuto Mori AC-driven retinal prosthesis and the control system for chroinc stimulation (doctral dissertation)
Wang Ze Design and fabrication of a multi-spectral near-infrared fundus camera with a patterned interference filter for light scattering detection (doctral dissertation)
Romeo Brioso Rebusi Application of CMOS-based Devices for Dual-site Fluorescent Imaging of Pain Processing Brain Regions (doctral dissertation)
Ryoma Okada Highly sensitive detection of polarization change by on-pixel polarizer CMOS image sensor
Noriaki Kishida Miniaturization of near-infrared fundus camera with improved image quality single-chip sensor and a novel eye fixation target
Kazuki Kurasawa Detachable head-mounted CMOS imaging device for monitoring cerebral blood-flow and fluorescence of mice
Ryota Shiotani High-efficiency control circuits for multi-channel retinal prosthesis
Mizuki Hagita Fabrication process of flexible devices using CMOS smart electrodes for artificial retina
Takaaki Murakami Simultaneous measurement of neuronal dynamics induced by chemical stimulation with deep brain fluorescence imaging and microdialysis
Sep. 2021 Kuang-Chih Tso Development of honeycomb-type retinal prosthesis devices integrating a smart CMOS system and chemically-derived iridium oxide electrodes (doctral dissertation)
Treepetchkul Thanaree Development of Dual-color Fluorescence Imaging System through Lensless Devices with a Wireless Integration Option
Mar. 2021 Ronnakorn Siwadamrongpong Miniaturization of multi-modal sensing system dedicated to the implantable CMOS image sensors
Masayuki Uemura Optimization of spectral characteristics of mosaic multilayer interference filter and the application to human fundus imaging for near-infrared fundus camera
Taisuke Saigo Implantable micro imaging devices with multi- function for chronic measurement of brain activity
Ryo Hasegawa Design and implementation of CMOS rectification circuit for AC-drive retinal prosthetic device with smart electrode
Mana Hasegawa Function evaluation and reliability improvement of devices for photo-stimulation in mouse deep brain
Yuki Fukunari Fabrication of CMOS smart electrodes using ceramic and parylene composite substrate for retinal prosthesis
Sep. 2020 Nattakarn Wuthibenjaphonchai CMOS-based Optical Power-Transfer System for Implantable and Wearable Medical Devices (doctral dissertation)
Erus Rustami Fabrication and Evaluation of Thin Composite Emission Filters for Implantable Fluorescent Micro-Imagers in the Deep Brain (doctral dissertation)
Natcha Kulmala Development of Hybrid Filters for Dual-color Fluorescence Imaging Using Lens-free Device
Mar. 2020 Hiroki Endo Study on implementation of CMOS smart electrodes for retinal prosthesis with ceramic substrates toward intraocular implantation
Tasuku Kawasaki Study on brain-implantable optogenetic device for neurotransmitter release
Takahiko Kondo Study on mosaic mutilayer inteference filter embeded on an image sensor for infrared colorizing fundus camera
Kenji Sugie Study on implantable CMOS image sensor with angle-selective pixels
Chang Chia-Chi Efficient AC power supply circuit design for high-resolution retinal prosthesis device based on CMOS smart electrodes
Maho Hata Fundamental study on power receiving module for AC-driven retinal prothesis devices
Dec. 2019 Hee Wan-Shen Development of lens-free dual-color fluorescence imaging device for Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Imaging (doctral dissertation)
Sep.2019 Pakpuwadon Thanet Improvements in functionality and fabrication process of the implantable optogenetic stimulator
Mark Christian Guinto Basic design and evaluation of CMOS-based optical energy harvesting devices for biomedical and IoT applications
Mar. 2019 Aiki Kameyama Study on lensless imaging device equipped with hybrid filter and its application for in-vitro FRET measurement system
Yusuke Kawano Review on vehicle mounted camera and related imaging technology for driving support
Daiki Shirahige Study on on-chip interference filter and its application for near-infrared color fundus camera
Keisuke Terada Study on fabrication process of CMOS smart electrodes for retinal prosthesis toward chronic implantation
Kyosuke Naganuma Study on heat transfer characteristics of implantable optical stimulation devices
Yasuto Mori Study on AC-driven CMOS smart electrode device for retinal prosthesis
Mar. 2018 Mariko Kuwabara Study on long-term recording system and analysis of electrochemical properties of stimulation electrode for safety evaluation of visual prosthesis(doctral dissertation)
Yukari Nakano Study on Stimulation Parameter Optimization of Retinal Prostheses Using Suprachoroidal Transretinal Stimulation(doctral dissertation)
Takumi Fujisawa Research of high performance material and structure for stimulation electrode for retinal prosthesis (doctral dissertation)
Hajime Hayami Study on a Distributed-Implantable Miniaturized Imaging Device for Broad Area Brain Function Measurement(doctral dissertation)
Takahiro Yamaguchi Studies on signal-to-noise ratio and flexibility improvement of implantable imaging devices (doctral dissertation)
Narihito Ikeda Study on lensless on-chip fluorescence measurement system with hybrid filter for digital ELISA
Takaaki Ishizu A Study of Implantable micro optical stimulator with optical wireless power transfer
Akari Shiraishi Study on Optical Stimulation to Brain Cortex of Primates and Rodents by Implantable Devices
Kenta Nakamoto Study on on-chip lensless two-color fluorescence detection device for in-vitro FRET measurement
Shinya Nishimura Study on CMOS smart electrodes for retinal prosthesis enabling multipoint stimulation
Koki Fujimoto An Implantable CMOS imaging device with thin light sources for high sensitivity fluorescence measurement
Shunsuke Miyazaki Functional demonstration of near-infrared multispectral fundus imaging device for personal healthcare
Sep. 2017 Nattakarn Wuthibenjaphonchai Basic design and evaluation of CMOS-based optical energy harvesting devices for biomedical and IoT applications
June 2017 Shinzo Koyama Study on multi-functionality improvement in an imager by micro-optics on a chip(doctral dissertation)
Mar. 2017 Yoshinori Sunaga Study on fluorescence detection sensitivity of implantable CMOS imaging device for measuring brain activities ​in freely moving mice (doctral dissertation)
Hiroyuki Tashiro Study on high performance electrode array and evaluation method for visual prostheses based on suprachoroidal-transretinal stimulation (doctral dissertation)
Anek Wuthayavanich Small implantable CMOS fluorescence imaging device with compact processing system for the detection of nitric oxide (doctral dissertation)
Satoru Iwasaki Basic structure of flexible brain stimulation / measurement device with integrated coaxial optrode
Kazutaka Osawa Contact imaging type fluorescence measurement device integrated with microfluidic chips for cellular analysis
Yuji Katsuragi Intravital optical communication devices using implantable hydrogel light guides
Ryo Kobe A study on performance enhancement of stimulus electrodes of subretinal prosthesis devices for high spatial resolution
Atsushi Nakatsuka Performance improvement of polarization – analyzing CMOS image sensor for in situ chiral measurement systems
Yuta Nakamoto Optimization of a lensless digital ELISA system with a light pipe array for single molecular fluorescence imaging
Akito Yoshimura Study on the optimization of assembly process of a retinal prosthesis device using smart electrodes with built-in CMOS microchips aiming for a multi electrode array  
Mar. 2016 Toshikazu Kawamura Studies on CMOS-Based Implantable Glucose Sensors with a Glucose-Responsive Fluorescent Hydrogel (doctral dissertation)
Ryohei Kawasaki A Study on the Performance Improvement of Smart Electrode Device with Built-in CMOS Microchips for Retinal Prosthesis  
Mizuki Nagasaki A Study on Lensless Digital Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) System Using Light Pipe Array  
Kengo Nagata Implantable CMOS Sensors and Image Data Transmission with Optical Communication in Biological Tissues  
Satoki Noguchi CMOS-based Multimodal Neural Interface Device for Wide Area Coverage  
Megumi Hayashi A Study on the Structure and Fabrication Process of Electrodes for Subretinal Prosthesis  
Tomohiro Hirai A Study on Implantable Glucose Sensor Using Fluorescent Hydrogel with Optical Power Supply  
Masaaki Honda Performance Improvement of Polarization-Analyzing CMOS Image Sensor and in situ Chiral Analyzing System for Micro Reactor  
Mar. 2015 Hironari Takehara A compact lensless digital enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) system using a CMOS image sensor for fluorescence detection (doctral dissertation)
Naoya Kamiyama Functional verification of CMOS-based opto-electorinic neural interface device for optogenetics  
Kazuki Kitaguchi Optimization of a CMOS image sensor for fluorescence detection dedicated to lensless digital ELISA  
Zijun Jin Research of CMOS-based neural interface device amplifier  
Hajime Hayami Performance improvement of implantable CMOS image sensor for intra-brain imaging by using body-channel communication technique  
Takumi Fujisawa Study on AC power supplying and functional validation of smart electrodes with built-in CMOS microchips for retinal prosthesis  
Keita Masuda Performance improvement of CMOS-based implantable glucose sensor using fluorescent hydrogel  
Takahiro Yamaguchi Development of an implantable CMOS image sensor with self-reset function for brain imaging  
Mar. 2014 Makito Haruta An ultra-small implantable CMOS imaging device for measuring brain functions on freely moving animals(doctral dissertation)
Norimitsu Wakama Application of in situ chiral analysis system using polarization-analyzing CMOS image sensor for micro-reactor systems(doctral dissertation)
Yoshiaki Ishii The study about body-channel communication for minimally invasive of implanted CMOS Image Sensor in brain  
Kazuhiro Uejima Study on implantable glucose monitoring device based on CMOS image sensor with fluorescent hydrogel  
Shohei Kurogi Development of CMOS chips for minimally invasive neuralinterface device  
Yoshinori Sunaga A study on detection sensitivity of CMOS image sensor for brain functional imaging  
Shun Nakajima Study on CMOS-based Neural Interface Device for Optical Stimulation and Electrical Measurement  
Yusuke Fujimoto Study of Smart Electrode with Built-in CMOS Microchips for Retinal Prosthesis Device  
Kazuya Miyazawa Sensitivity improvement of CMOS imaging device for digital enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay  
Mar. 2013 Yi-Li Pan Development of Stimulus Electrodes for High Resolution Retinal Prosthetic Devices(doctral dissertation)
Yosmongkol Sawadsaringkarn CMOS-based optoelectronic neural interface device for optogenetics and fluorescence imaging(doctral dissertation)
Daisuke Okabayashi A lensless on-chip imaging device using a CMOS image sensor for digital enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
Chikara Kitsumoto Image quality improvement and invasive reduction of an implantable CMOS image sensor for in vivo brain imaging
Nobuya Tachikawa Development of CMOS sensing circuits for an implantable glucose monitoring device
Yukie Higashimaru Fabrication and Functional Evaluation of a Spinal Cord Stimulation and Recording Device with CMOS Microchips
Yuki Hiramatsu A study on smart-electrode architecture with CMOS microchips for a retinal prosthetic device
Tomoaki Miyatani Performance Improvement of a CMOS Sensor Device with an Integrated Micro Light Source Array for Optogenetics
Shogo Yokota A study on intra-body signal transmission of brain-implantable CMOS image sensor
Mar. 2012 Arata Nakajima Optoelectronic neural stimulation and recording devices based on CMOS integrated circuits technologies (doctral dissertation)
Keisuke Ando Research on performance improvement of CMOS image sensors integrated with micro-optical devices
Takasuke Ito Studies on improvement of stimulus and recording functions of a neural interface device with CMOS microchips
Yuki Oda Research on image quality improvement of on-chip fluorescence measurement using a CMOS image sensor
Takuya Kitao Studies on a CMOS-based retinal stimulator for wide viewing angle
Hiroshi Kimura A CMOS image sensor integrated with an LED array for optogenetics applications
Hitoshi Matsuoka Development of microreactor-compatible in situ chiral analysis system using polarization-analyzing CMOS image sensor
Hiroyuki Masuda Improvement of an implantable CMOS image sensor for highly sensitive fluorescence imaging and multi-area functional imaging in a brain
Mar. 2011 Sanshiro Shishido Development of functional CMOS image sensors for biomedical applications (doctral dissertation)
Masakazu Kuwayama Wireless in vivo functional brain imaging in freely moving mouse with CMOS image sensor
Yuki Sagawa Functional design and proof of flexible brain stimulation and measurment device with CMOS chip
Hiroshi Taneda Development of CMOS image sensor with light guide array structure for high spatial resolution in vivo fluorescent imaging
Shingo Tomimatsu Development of CMOS retinal stimulator with bullet-shape Pt electrode
Yuji Fujioka High precision of a polarization-analyzing CMOS image sensor and application for in stiu chiral measurement
Yuki Mizuta Improvement of image quality of implantable functional brain imaging system
Ayumu Murakami High performance retinal stimulator with penetration electrode structure
Dec. 2010 Ayato Tagawa Development a multimodal CMOS sensor for brain functional sensing (doctral dissertation)
Mar. 2010 Kyosuke Minakawa Study on micro-chemical devices based on complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor technologies (doctral dissertation)
Yasuhiro Oguro CMOS image sensor for brain activities by an optical imaging method
Akihiro Kakeda Studies on stimulus circuits and stimulus electrodes employed in a CMOS chip for retinal prosthesis
Hiroya Shimohata In situ chiral analyzing CMOS sensor module for micro flow system
Yoichi Takeuchi Functional demonstration of a multi-chip retinal stimulator with light controlled and multisite stimulation capability
Masahide Fujiwara Research on multipoint electro-optic imaging by CMOS image sensor
Masahiro Mitani In vivo brain imaging by a CMOS image sensor mounted with a light guide array structure
Hiroki Minami Realtime molecular imaging in the brain of freely moving mouse with a CMOS image sensor
Mar. 2009 Yasuo Terasawa Visual prostheses based on suprachoroidal-transretinal stimulation (doctral dissertation)
Takaaki Miyashita High accuracy wavefront aberration measurement technologies for microlenses and their application to international standards (doctral dissertation)
Shigeki Sawamura Studies on retinal prosthesis devices for light-controlled and simultanerous multi-site stimulation
Tetsuya Sugiyama Development of a light guide array structure for in vivo brain imaging using CMOS image sensor
Ayato Tagawa Development of a multimodal CMOS sensor for brain functional sensing
Asako Higuchi In vivo functional brain imaging in freely moving mouse with CMOS imaging devices
Kohei Hiyama Development of a flexible retinal prosthesis device with an optically controlled stimulation function
Keisuke Yagyu A study on a sub-retinal implant device with a signal processing function
Hirofumi Yamada Polarization-analyzing CMOS image sensor with monolithically embedded polarizer
Mar. 2008 Yuji Nakama Fabrication of precision-controlled Ⅳ-semiconductor nanocrystals using bio-nanoprocess (doctral dissertation)
Ryosuke Asano Development of a CMOS-based flexible retinal stimulator for animal experiments
Sho Sato A CMOS sensor for analysing polarization in micro chemistry
Sanshiro Shishido A dedicated CMOS image sensor for medical applications with low operation voltage and low power consumption
Itsuki Nagahata A study on high-speed CMOS imager with multi-point simultaneous reception for optical wireless LANs
Taro Mizuno Development of a CMOS-based bioimplantable sensor device for in vivo functional brain imaging
Tomoya Miyawaki Research on fundamental component of wavelength-division-multiplexed optical wireless LAN with a CMOS image sensor
Mar. 2007 Yudai Adachi Image evaluation of wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor by fusion of active and passive pixel sensors
Issei Kadowaki Detection of DNA using optical/potential dual-image CMOS sensor
Tatsuya Sasaki Low voltage/low power consumption CMOS image sensor for high resolution
Sachie Sugitani Multi-chip LSI-based retinal ptosthesis devices for high density stimulation
Mari Taniyama Multi-chip LSI-based retinal stimulation device and stimulus electrodes for high efficiency stimulation
Takuma Nakagawa Development of advanced implantable CMOS image sensors for functional brain imaging
Keiji Nomura Wavelength-division-multiplexing free-space optical data transmission using a CMOS image sensor
Kyosuke Minakawa Crystallinity evaluation and solid phase epitaxy growth of β-FeSi2 nano-crystal in a-Si with Fe nano-dots prepared by bio-nano-process
Mar. 2006 David C. Ng Development of CMOS image sensors for subretinal stimulation and on-chip bioimaging of the brain (doctral dissertation)
Tetsuo Furumiya Retinal prosthesis devices using pulse frequency modulation vision chips (doctral dissertation)
Koji Yamamamo CMOS image sensors with the function of detecting modulated light based on alternative charge transferring method and high-speed readout of multiple reagion-of-interest method (doctral dissertation)
Yosuke Katsura Construction of β-FeSi2 nano-crystal with bio-nano-process
Masayuki Kawada Development of an implantable multi-chip neural stimulation device for retinal prosthesis
Kunihiro Tanaka Optical and electrochemical composition imaging CMOS sensor with on-chip biosensing
Yugo Nose Wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor by fusion of active and passive pixel sensors
Masamichi Matsuo Development of an implantable CMOS image sensor for in vivo brain imaging
Akio Yamamoto Optical and potential dual-image CMOS sensor for on-chip DNA microarray analysis
Shinya Yamamoto A low-voltage pulse-frequency-modulation vision chip with in-pixel digital image processing circuits for retinal prosthesis
Akihiro Yoshida Design of image sensor for wavelength-division-multipled optical wireless LANs and experimental verification of photoreceiver circuits
June 2005 Kotaro Yasuoka Highly functional PFM photo sensors for retinal prosthesis device
Mar. 2005 Akihiro Uehara Study on retinal prosthesis devices based on distributed sensor network (doctral dissertation)
Takashi Ikeuchi Study on crosstalk suppression between imaging and communication modes on vision chip for optical wireless LAN
Ryuta Iwai Optical nonliniality characterization of heavy metal oxide doped tellurite glasses
Hideki Okamoto Study on pulse modulation CMOS image sensor for bio-imaging
Fuyuka Shiraishi Characterization of photo receiver circuits for pulse frequency modulation
Yuji Nakama Study on size and position controlled fabrication of Si nano crystals
Akiko Fujiuchi Study on WDM optical wireless communication with wavelength-multiplexing diffractive phase element
Daisuke Mori Study on image sensor for eye-safe light fabricated by backside wafer fusion
Mar. 2004 Koji Kichise Study on highly pricise mask pattern fabrication and resist pattering process in X-ray lithography (doctral dissertation)
Hiroshi Watanabe
Improvement of quality and resolution of mask pattern transfer in X-ray lithography (doctral dissertation)
Kiyotaka Sasagawa Study on highly functional rare-earth-doped optical fiber and microsphere lasers (doctral dissertation)
Hiroaki Asazu Study on high-speed optical wireless communication using CMOS image sensors
Yu Oya Study on high-resolution and low-noise image sensor for optcal modualtion detection
Tomoaki Kawakami Stydy on CMOS image sensor for optical wirelss communication and optical routing technique
Yoshihisa Sakano Fabrication of micro-origami structure with Si/SiGe epitaxial crystal on Si substrate
Yohei Maeda Fabrication of Si nanocrystals by ion implantation
Zen-o Yonezawa Fabrication and optical nonlinearlity characterization of tellurite glasses
Mar. 2003 Hiroaki Nakanishi Study on silica based microchip electrophoresis systems and micro reactors by hydrofluoric acid bonding (Doctoral dissertation)
Motoki Okinaka Growth of GeC alloy using arc plasma gun as novel C molecular source (Doctoral dissertation)
Keiichi Isakari Study on vision chip for body implantation - chip thinning, operation under bending, and commnication outside the body -
Kazushi Kusawake Fabrication and characterization of tellrite glasses for optical fiber Raman amplification
Tomohiro Nishimura Study on CMOS image sensor for optical wireless LAN and communacation routing method
Tetsuya Hayashi Study on SiGe photodetectors on SOI substrate
Daisuke Fujiu Fabrication and characterization of Pb-based ferroelectric micro optical devices
Tetsuo Furumiya Study on pulse-frequency-modulation vision chip for retinal prosthesis device
Koji Miyatake Crystallinity improvemnt of GeC alloy grown by MBE using arc plasma gun
Koji Yamamoto Image quality improvement of image sensor for optical modulation detection
Mar. 2002 Shinobu Tamaoki Highly functional Tm-Ho codoped fluoride fiber lasers
Takashi Nakano Improvement of crystallinity and characterization of PLZT film for optical devices
Hirokatsu Nakayama Fabrication and characterization of SiGe based LED
Yasumasa Hamana Growth of GeC alloy using a novel C molecular source, arc plasma gun
Takao Hirai A vision chip for optical modulation detection
Norikatsu Yoshita A highly functionl vision chip based on pulse furequency modulation
Hiroshi Wakasa Study on CMOS image sensor for omni-directional camera, HyperOmniVision
Mar. 2001 Makoto Ohta Study on SiGe/Si crystal growth by MBE and elctrical and optical charactraization
Hirohiko Sakata Study on vision chip based on pulse frequency modulation
Kiyotaka Sasagawa Study on polarization controlled scanning near-field optical microscopy
Ryoichi Dansho MBE growth of GeC crystal using arc plasma gun
Naoyuki Tokida A vision chip with SiGe photodetectors
Yasunori Hattori Study on surace and boundary structure of MBE grown SiGe/Si by CAICISS
Shuji Yoshida Optical measuremnt of fine structure in ferroelectric film
Mar. 2000 Jun Akazawa Development of intelligent image sensors for modulated light detection
Harunori Iwai Observation of Ge/Si film grown process by CAISSIS
Akihiro Uehara Development of vision chips based on pulse modulation scheme
Hirofumi Ukita Study on polarization dependence of optical near-field images
Hiroshi Ohji Opical characteristics observation of ferroelectric films by scanning near-field microscopy
Motoki Okinaka Study on surface structure of MBE-grown SiGe/Si by CAISSIS
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