Division of Materials Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology Photonic and Reactive Molecular Science Laboratory



Reaction chemistry provides us valuable substances such as medicinal compounds and electronic materials, which are critical for future life. It is thus the central topics of chemistry and materials science. In particular, photo-reaction chemistry has been greatly developed especially in the field of lithographic and micro/nano-fabrication technologies for industries. Precise spatial- and temporal-control is remarkable advantage of photochemical reactions. It is also worth for challenging to control chemical reactions in a remote way, which proceed in unprecedented environments such as high-pressure vessel and even in vivo. We may also remind that various light-induced reactions are derived in vivo systems under aqueous and ambient conditions. We could come-up with delightful outlook for future precision reaction chemistry based on light triggers. "Photonic Molecular Science Laboratory" and "Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratory" have thus been integrated for launching a new team, "Photonic and Reactive Molecular Science Laboratory" in 2021. We aim to pioneer future reaction chemistry that overcomes the challenges of modern chemistry, such as conservation of the global environment and social development under carbon neutrality. We integrate innovative molecules and reactions capable of remote control, for achieving advanced photo-induced catalysts, precision control of stereo selective reactions and molecular chirality, and programmed conversion of photonic information as well as light-energy with molecular photo-response.