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...joined TOIN International symposium on BME 2019

Dr. Okano and Mr. Ajikawa joined 14th TOIN International Symposium on Biomedical Engineering in TOIN Memorial Academium.

K.Okano Microfabricstion of Glass-supported Thin Polymer Film for Arranging and Networking Live Cells by Femtosecond Laser Processing
Y.Ajikawa Acoustic arrangement of micro-particles in micro-fluidic channel for high-speed on-chip cell sorting
Mr. Ajikawa won the ORAL SESSION AWARD. Congratulation!


...joined the Workshop in the frame of “Plant-structure-opt.”

Ms. Akita, Mr. Takebayashi, Mr. Ueda and Mr. Yamamoto joined the Workshop of young researchers in the frame of in MEXT KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "Plant-Structure Optimization Strategy."

E.Akita AFM力学計測のための新規ガラスマイクロデバイスの開発
R.Takebayashi フェムト秒レーザーアブレーション法とAFMを組み合わせた単一植物細胞の力学計測装置の開発
Y.Ueda フェムト秒レーザーを用いた単一植物細胞への巨大分子導入
M.Yamamoto マイクロデバイス中でのフェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力の数値解析

Ms. Akita won the ORAL SESSION AWARD. Congratulation!

...Doctor student came from China

Doctor student came to our lab from China.

唐 滔 Tang Tao

I come from China.
I got my master and bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Chongqing University and Heifei University of technology, respectively, in China.
Research interest: Digital Signal Processing, Deep Learning Program, and Microfluidics chip.
Current research focus: mainly focus on the applications of digital signal processing methods and Natural Network Structures at the microfluidic chips and biology experiments.
These researches allow for some novel applications in multidisciplinary area.

...Review "Applications of the femtosecond laser-induced impulse to cell research" in JJAP

Our research about Applications of the femtosecond laser-induced impulse to cell research pressed in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics as a review.


...held the 4th meeting of PHC-JSPS Sakura Program

In the frame of Japan-France Integrated Action Program (SAKURA), we invited Professor Meallet-Renault of Universite Paris Saclay, Dr. Clavier in ENS Paris Saclay, and Dr. Gateau Sorbonne Universite to held the meeting.
Spatio-Temporal Manipulation and Analysis of Biological Processes
using Multimodal Polymer Nano-Systems
R. M. Renault Fluorescent Nanoparticles for bacteria detection
T. Nakashima Generation of circularly polarized luminescence from supramolecular assemblies
J. Gateau Multispectral photoacoustic tomography
H. Yoshikawa Nanobiosensing based on photophysical processes
G. Clavier Layer-by-layer(LBL) fluorescent thin films for bacteria detection
T. I. Rukmana Introduction of large substances into plant cells using femtosecond laser amplifier

...joined Young researcher symposium of Nano-Optics in OCU

Mr. Ide and Mr. Tanaka joined Young researcher symposium of Nano-Optics in Osaka City University.

K. Ide フェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力に対する細胞応答の評価手法の開発
Y. Tanaka フェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力を利用した標的細胞への分子導入

...Doctor student came from Indonesia

Doctor student came to our lab from Indonesia.

Dian Anggraini

I come from Indonesia.
I graduated from Department of Biology, Graduate Program in Animal Biosciences, IPB University, Indonesia.
I have experience and interest in cell handling, neuroscience, stem cells, tissue engineering, and animal model research.
I’m also interested in microfluidics research, mainly developing organ-on-chips to resolve the obstacles of using in vivo animal model. This device can also be used for personalized medicine in the near future.
In this laboratory, I would give my best efforts and I hope my research could be useful for the society.
Thank you very much.

...joined The 57th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan

Assistant Professor Yamada and Ms. Yoshimura joined The 57th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan

S. Yamada Residual Stress-mediated wound healing in zebrafish epithelia
Y. Yoshimura Quantitative evaluation of cell adhesion strength by reflection interference contrast microsopy combined with femtosecond laser impulse

...joined the 80th JSAP Autumn meeting

Professor Hosokawa, Assistant Professor Yasukuni, Ms. Akita, Mr. Rukmana, Mr. Zhang, Mr. Hao, Mr. Takebayashi and Mr. Tanaka joined the 80th JSAP Autumn meeting of Japan Society of Applied Physics in Hokkaido Univercity.

Y. Hosokawa 【Invited】 Femtosecond Laser-induced Impulsive Force in Applications for Cell Resarch
R. Yasukuni 細胞内の蛍光スペクトル変化に基づく細胞状態評価手法の開発
E. Akita ガラス製マイクロデバイスを用いた植物組織のAFM力学計測
T.I. Rukmana Photoinjection of Fluorescent nanoparticles into Plant Cells Using Femtosecond Laser Amplifier with Enzyme Treatment
T. Zhang Femtosecond Laser-processed Pattern on Glass Substrate for Focusing Microparticles in Fluid
Y. Hao A Transparent Flow Velocity Sensor of Ultra-thin Glass Sheet Fabricated by Femtosecond Laser Processing
R. Takebayashi 原子間力顕微鏡とフェムト秒レーザーを用いた細胞組織の力学特性解析
Y. Tanaka フェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力を利用した細胞への分子導入における複数パルス照射効果

We joined the social gathering of the laser processing subcommittee.

We visited Laboratory of Molecular Photonics (Biju Lab) to see Dr. Ken-ichi Yuyama in Research Institute for Electronic Science (RIES), Hokkaido University

We went to the get-together with Goda lab in the univercity of Tokyo.

...joined COLA 2019

Professor Hosokawa and Mr. Araki joined 15th International Conference on Laser Ablation in Hawaii.

Y. Hosokawa Particle Arrangement in Microfluidic Chip by Additive Femtosecond Laser Processing in the Channel
T. Araki Ag-nanoparticle-included TiO2 nanostructures formed by pulsed laser ablation applied to visible-light-operating photocatalysts

We went to the get-together with Professor Ikurou Umezu, his lab member in Konan univercity and Professor Yoshikawa in Saitama univercity.

...joined the meeting of PHC-JSPS Sakura Program in Paris

In the frame of Japan-France Integrated Action Program (SAKURA), Assistant Professor Yasukuni and Assistant Professor Yamada went to Paris to join the meeting.

...Students from Taiwan presented the results

4 Students from Taiwan presented their research and results at the end of labstay our lab for 1 month.

After the presentation, Professor Hosokawa awarded a certificate of completion and took a commemorative photo.

...Article "High-speed microparticle isolation unlimited by Poisson statistics" in Lab on a chip

We published an article in Lab on a chip "High-speed microparticle isolation unlimited by Poisson statistics"

This work is supported by ImPACT program, JSPS Core-to-Core Program and White Rock Foundation.
NAIST HP (Japanese)

...Students came from Taiwan

4 National Yang Ming University students came to our lab from Taiwan to do labstay for 6 weeks.
Welcome party

...joined M&BE10

Mr. Ajilawa, Mr. Ide, Mr. Tanaka and Ms. Yoshimura joined the 10th international conference on molecular Electronics & Bio electronics in Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA.

Y. Ajikawa Study on Acoustic Cell Arrangement in Micro-Fluidic Chip for Cells Sorting by Femtosecond Laser-Induced Impulsive Force
K. Ide Evalution of Cellular Response to Femtosecond Laser Impulse Based on Spectral Changes of Fluorescent Proteins
Y. Tanaka Molecular Delivery to Target Cells Driven by Focused Femtosecond Laser Pulses in Water

...New master students came

7 new master students joined our lab.

Takashi Araki
I'm from Tokusima Pref. I hold a 3rd dan(Japanese fencing). My major is mechanical engineering. The research theme given in college was related to laser processing, them I noticed possibilities of laser and became more interested in its applications. I'll try my best for research activity at NAIST.

Kenshiro Ito
My name is Kenshiro Ito, and I am from Tokyo. It takes 30 minutes to the nearest station, and trains on the Keihannna Line operate much less frequently than those in Tokyo.I make myself belive that this is a two year study abroad and will do my best. Thank you.

Yuma Ueda
I am from Hyogo prefecture. Since I lived in the country, I can live here without resistance. Recentry, I watched baseball broadcast well. Thank you.

Ryuki Sugita
My motto is "Innenseiki". I am good at polishing. I concentrate my reserach and experiments on my works. I would like to read a book that I have not read on holidays. I want to do my best to greed while paying attention to health.

Norihiro Teranishi
My hobbies are motorcycle and music. I often touring on my cherished motorcycle,the Kawasaki BALIUS. I want to go summer music festival. But I can't go it bacause there is no convenient time.

Ryota Mase
My name is Ryota Mase and I am from Handa,Aichi prefecture. I commute to NAIST from Shikanodai. on foot. My hobby is playing football. I often watch Premier leage on weekends. Thank you.

Masaya Yamamoto
Born in Nara. My hobbies are exploring Nara. I walked from Gakuen Kita-Ikoma Station. The only lack of exercise has been resolved. Thank you.

...Mr. Rukmana stayed in Paris Sud University (France)

Mr. Rukmana went to Institut Galien Paris Sud, Faculty of Pharmacy for 5 weeks.
He took a labstay for learning and practicing to prepare nanoparticles, with the topic of "Synthesis of Nanoparticles with a Fluorophore-labelled Polymer for the Development of Photoacoustic System", including characterization, spectroscopy measurement, and stability test of the nanoparticles.
On holidays, he visited many tourism sites around Paris on weekends, including Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame de Paris, Palace of Versailles, Musee d'Orsay, and many others.

...Doctor students came from China

Doctor students came to our lab from China.
張 天龍
Zhang Tienlong
郝 彦升
Hao Yanxien

...ISMO-NAIST Symposium in Paris-sacray univ.

Prof. Hosokawa, Dr. Okano and Ms. Akita visited ISMO in Paris-sacray university.
Prof. Hosokawa, Dr. Okano and Indra(D3, labstay in Paris-sacray at that time) made a presentation in the symposium.
ISMO-NAIST Symposium
Y. Hosokawa Detection and manipulation of single plant cells by fs laser and AFM.
K. Okano In-situ surficial microfabrication for guidance of geometrical cell culture on glass substrate.
T. I. Rukmana Introduction of Megadalton Molecules into Single Plant Cells by Enzyme-Assisted Femtosecond Laser Photoporation.

We enjoyed French cuisine in Paris.

...Experiments in ENS de Lyon(France) on elasticity measurements of plant tissues using AFM

In the frame of “Plant-structure-opt.”, Prof. Hosokawa, Dr. Okano and Ms. Akita (from Bioprocess engineering lab.) visited Laboratoire Reproduction et DÉveloppement des Plantes in ENS de Lyon in company with Prof. Sawa(Kumamoto univ.) and Dr. Asaoka(Tokyo-gakugei univ.)

During the three days of stay, we discussed how we measure the elasticity of plant cells and tissues using AFM.
Mr. Simone BOVIO helped us a lot.

...Graduation ceremony

Mr. Hong, Mr. Uekuri, Ms. Koyanagi, Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Takashima and Ms. Namoto attended a graduation ceremony in NAIST.

...Master thesis presentation

5 master students in our lab made Master thesis presentation.

Yoichi Uekuri フェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力による細胞内pH変化の誘導
Akari Koyanagi 細胞近傍へのフェムト秒レーザー照射による分子導入方法の開発
Tomoyuki Suzuki 音響定在波によるマイクロ流路内微小物体の整列とその観察
Yoshiya Takashima フェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力による微小接着部位の高感度検出方法の観察
Misuzu Namoto マイクロ流路のフェムト秒レーザー微細加工による微小物体の配列制御

...Doctoral thesis presentation

Z-Y. Hong(Bill)made doctoral thesis presentation.

Z-Y. Hong Femtosecond Laser - Acturated High-Speed Cell Manipulation in a Microfluidic Chip

Well done!

...joined TPS 2019 annual meeting

Dr. Okano, Mr. Ajikawa, Mr. Ide, Mr. Takebayashi, Mr. Tanaka, Ms. Yoshimura and Ms. Fang joined the 2019 Annual Meeting of the physical Society of Taiwan in National Chiao Tung University.
(from the left: Mr. Takebayashi, Ms. Yoshimura, Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Ide, Mr. Ajikawa)

K. Okano Femtosecond laser photoporation of anti-polysaccharide fluorogenic peptide aptamer into live Euglena for monitoring paramylon accumulation
Y. Ajikawa Study on acoustic cell arrangement in micro-fluidic chip for cells sorting by femtosecond laser-induced impulsive force
K. Ide Spectroscopic Evaluation of Cellular Response to Femtosecond Laser Induced Impulse
Y. Tanaka Molecular Delivery to Target Cells Driven by Focused Femtosecond Laser Pulses in Water
R. Takebayashi Force mapping of Arabidopsis root cells by atomic force microscopy
Y. Yoshimura Development of reflection interference contrast microscopy for observation of adhesion breaking between cell and extracellular matrix
C. Fang Femtosecond laser-assistd dry-etching of glass

We visited Prof. Hiroshi Masuhara and Associate Prof. Teruki Sugiyama
(Department of Applied Chemistry, National Chiao Tung University).

We visited Prof. Fu-Jen Kao lab of Institute of Biophotonics National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan.
We enjoyed Taiwan dinner in Din Tai Fung with his lab members.

Recreation in 2019 (Jump to RESEARCH

...Year-end party

We held Year-end party in Shinsaibashi.
Well done, all! Let's do our best next year!!

...Day trip to Ise

We went day trip to Ise with students from Taiwan (labstay).

We visited Ise Shrine and Okage Yokocho.

...Welcome party for students from National Chiao Tung University

We held welcome TAKOYAKI party for students from National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan)

...Welcome party for new students

We held welcome party for doctor and mastar students in Korean BBQ restaurant.

...Welcome and Farewell party

We held TAKOYAKI & YAKISOBA party as a farewell party for Bill (D3 student) and a welcome party for new students.


...Farewell party

We held farewell party for graduates Bill (D3), Mr. Uekuri, Ms.Koyanagi, Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Takashima, and Ms. Namoto (M2) at CAFE ETRANGE NARAD in Nara.

Congratulations! We wish you success!!