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...Mr. Iino won Poster prize at ICPEPA-8.

The news was released on the NAIST HP and it is shown next to the news of Novel prize of Dr. Yamanaka. (in Japanese)

...GreenBioNano Laboratory was introduced on NAIST press.

GreenBioNano Laboratory was introduced on NAIST press "SENTAN" (Sep. 2012, Vol. 21, in Japanses).

...Mr. Iino won a Poster Award at ICPEPA-8

The 8th International Conference on Photo-Excited Processes and Applications (August 12-17, 2012 in Rochester NY USA)

presents The ICPEPA-8 Outstanding Poster Award
to Takanori Iino
for the paper entitled
Evaluation of controllability of femtosecond laser-induced impulse in water utilizing atomic force microscopy.


...4 Students Came From Taiwan.

4 Master students came from Taiwan, National Yang Ming University.
They will stay at NAIST till the middle of August for joint research.

From Left, Jimmy, Lin-Lin, Deng-Deng, Lu-lu with Prof. Hosokawa

...Our collaborative research with Dr. Higaki is published

Our collaborative research with Dr. Higaki (Project Associate Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo) is published on Scientific Report.

...The 1st Green Photonics Seminar

We held the 1st Green Photonics Seminar "Colloquium on Biological Cell Processing with Ultra Short Pulse Lasers" in training center at NAIST on April 13th.

        Detailes are here

... A workshop related to "Plant Environmental Sensing"

We held the 3rd workshop of 「フェムト秒レーザーを用いた植物細胞のマイクロプロセス講習会」 related to Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "Plant Environmental Sensing"

        Detailes are here

Recreation in 2012 (Jump to RESEARCH

...Farewell "octopus ball" Party for Taiwnese.

Jimmy, Lin-Lin, Deng-Deng, dand Lu-lu, the Taiwanese students from Yang-Ming University have nearly finished the joint research, so we had farewell party.

Happy Birthday to Sawasawa and Jimmy!

...Beer Garden with Prof. Kao.

Prof. Kao came to our Lab. from National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan, so we went to beer garden with his taiwanese students.


...Welcom Party For New Students

We held a barbecue and Takoyaki party for welcome new members.

Prof. Hosokawa and new comers(From left, Shinya, Sawada, and Uedan)