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...New master students came

6 new master students joined our lab.

Reo Namura
I'm from Aichi prefecture. My hobbies are watching anime, playing games, and reading books. My desire is to go to bed early, work hard for job hunting, and make money.
Thank you.

Ayuka Hatta
I'm from Kagawa prefecture. My hobby is visiting cat cafes.Thank you.

Yuki Maeda
I'm Yuki Maeda from Kobe City College of Technology. At that time, I was doing research on light. My hobbies are sports in general, especially baseball and golf. I will do my best without forgetting my original intention.Thank you.

Gaishi Murakami
I'm from Suita City, Osaka Prefecture. I like hot springs and radio. I want to improve my living ability by living in a dormitory.Thank you.

Rintaro Yoshinaga
I'm from Tokyo. I like sports (especially tennis). Thank you.

Yoshitaka Wakayama
I'm from Gifu prefecture. I'm from Keio University.My hobbies are listening to music and going to karaoke.My aspiration is to enjoy my research. Thank you.

...Chinese student came to our lab

劉洵 Liu Xun
My name is Liu Xun , written as 劉洵(りゅう しゅん). I come from China. I got my master's and bachelor's degrees from the Chinese Academy of Science and Jilin University, respectively. My hobby is cooking, trying various recipes on my way. My current research is on "microfluidic chips with ultra-high velocity and throughput." In addition, FEM simulations of optics, electricity, and mechanism are also in my interests.
We optimized the structure of connections and minimized the microchannel only for minified flow resistance in the microfluidic chip. By our microfluidic chip, a velocity of 40 m/s could be achieved by typical syringe pμmps. Utilizing optical time-stretch (OTS) microscopy, a ultra-high throughput of 2,700,000 cells/s could be reached at 15 m/s.

...joined The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan

M2 Mr.Yamasaki, Mr.Priyo and M1 Mr.Inoue participated in the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan held on both face-to-face and online

Y.Yamasaki フェムト秒レーザー加工と原子間力顕微鏡計測による植物細胞の力学状態評価
R.Priyo Photoinjection of DNA plasmids into intact Tobacco BY-2 cells
K.Inoue フェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力に誘導される培養細胞組織の振動挙動の原子間力顕微鏡による検出


The degree conferment ceremony was held. Seven students from our laboratory, who are D3 Mr. Hao, M2 Mr. Iriguchi, Ms. Uno, Mr. Kiya, Mr. Takao, Mr. Hironaga and Mr. Yamasaki received their degrees in our laboratory.

...joined the 69th JSAP Spring Meeting 2022

M1 Mr. Akao, Mr. Inoue, Mr. Onishi, Mr. Odani and Mr. Murakishi participated in the 69th JSAP Spring Meeting 2022 held online.

H. Akao フェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力を用いたナノ粒子分取のためのマイクロ流体チップ開発
K. Inoue レーザー加振した細胞シートの振動挙動の解析:振動検出のためのAFMカンチレバーの長さ依存性
R. Onishi 光散乱スペクトル測定による単一腫瘍細胞の悪性度評価
K. Odani フェムト秒レーザーに誘起される異なる力学作用に対する細胞のCa2+応答
T. Murakishi シャジクモが有する巨大細胞を用いたAFM力学計測による細胞壁の弾性率分析

...Master's thesis presentation

M2 Mr. Iriguchi, Ms. Uno, Mr. Kiya, Mr. Hironaga, Mr. Takao and Mr. Yamasaki presented their master's thesis.

T.Iriguchi シャジクモにおけるAFM弾性率測定による植物細胞の構造に由来する力学特性評価
H.Uno 力学刺激に対する細胞のCa2+シグナル伝達応答に関わる細胞の力学的・生理学的パラメーターの探索
R.Kiya フェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力を用いた3択型細胞分取システムの開発
K.Hironaga フェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力を用いたゼブラフィッシュの胚発生を駆動する機械的な力の制御機構の探索
K.Takao フェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力によって加振された細胞組織の振動挙動の評価
Y.Yamasaki フェムト秒レーザー穿孔と原子間力顕微鏡法による植物細胞の力学状態評価

...Doctor's thesis presentation

D3 Hao presented their doctor's thesis.

Hao Yansheng Development of Ultra-thin Glass Flow Velocity Sensor Fabricated by Femtosecond Laser Processing

...Interview videos has been released.

Professor Hosokawa was interviewed from a web channel called "Science Talks", and a youtube video has been released.

This video is full of the charms of Professor Hosokawa, so please take a look.