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..."Bio Nano Systems" Seminar @Tohoku University

Prof. Hosokawa and M1, Miyamoto attended to "the seminar the seventh Bio Nano Systems Seminar" which was held at Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials (IMRAM, or Tagen-Ken), Tohoku University.

...COMSOL Conference Tokyo 2014

Prof. Hosokawa and students attended to COMSOL Conference Tokyo 2014, and Mr. Fukushima made a psoter presentation.

Analysis of effect of femtosecond laser induced impulse on the micro-biological sample
Before presentation, Tensed Fukushima(left) and Miyamoto(Right)
But, after the conference, relaxed with an aulmunus Takenaka

And, went out to one of Otaku gathering place, "kantai collection cafe"

Left:at kantai collection cafe, Right:Fukushima @Metropolis Tokyo

...Open Campus

On November 9th, at the NAIST open campus, we ran an exhibition booth of "Let's see the RIGHT in figure" for children.

About 200 chirdren came to our booth. Thank you!

...ImPACT project will starts

As a Project Leader, Prof. Hosokawa attends to the Impulsing Paradigm Change through Disruptive Technologies Program (ImPACT)「Turning Serendipity into Planned Happenstance」 (Managed by Prof. Keisuke Goda, University of Tokyo)

  Details are here →→  JS project HP   Godo project HP
  Movie →→  Youtube
New Researcher Wanted! Contact US!!

...Young researchers workshop @ Yamagata

A workshop related to Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "Plant Environmental Sensing" was held at Zao, Yamagata.

Dr. Iino, and 6 Master course students (Kono, Fukushima, Maruyama, Katagiri, Miyamoto and Yamakawa) attended and did poster presentation.

Poster Presentation by Yamakawa (left), Miyamoto (Right)

Went Mt. Zao and hot spring as excursion.

...Atend to Keihanna Exhibition

The Exhibition of 〝Keihanna" Taikan Fair 201 was at Grand Front Osaka during 17-19 October.
As a representative of NAIST, we attended to the exhibition on 18th. and exhibited our reserach, titeld as "Right shown by number"
The event was aimed for "Let's experience science". Prof. Hosokawa and Katagiri, Miyamoto, Yamakawa expained our research and childeren, Students, and reserachers operated a laser.
We will also show the same exhibition at Open Campus on Novermber 9th.


...Kono got Poster Award

We found M2, Kono had gotten a Poster Award of Annual Meeting 2014, the Physical Society of Republic of China (Taiwan). We did not know the fact at all, til looking the HP to find 2015 meeting information.

Title:Freezing process of sucrose solution induced by femtosecond laser impulse: in situ observation by high-speed imaging
Tatsuya Kono, Kousuke Sawada, Takanori Iino, Yoichiroh Hosokawa

...The 75th Japan Society of Applied Physics Meeting

Prof. Hosokawa and three graduate students attended The 75th Autumn Meeting of Japan Society of Applied Physics, which held at Hokkaido University.


...M2, Fukushima went Taiwan

Fukushima attended to The 3rd International Summer Course and Workshop on Single Molecule/Nanoparticle Spectroscopy and Imaging at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.
Poster title: Analysis of Vibration of Micro-spherical Bio-object Induced by Femtosecond Laser Impulse

After the workshop, going to National Yang-Ming University to discuss members of Fu-Jin Kao Laboratory.

Poster presentation

At Yang-Ming University

...Sawada got Encouragement Prize

Sawada bestowed Encouragement Prize by The Institute of Electronic Engineering of Japan.
It is for his presentation at the 441th collegium "Laser Micro Nano Processing" in March.

...Prof. Hosokawa got promotion!

Prof. Hosokawa became "Associate Professor" from "Research Associate Professor".

...New students coming!

We welcomed three new master course students and held welcome party.

Nice to meet you! I'm Daisuke Katagiri.
I'm from Ehime prefecture. My hobby is driving car.
I'm looked a suspicious man in this picture but I am a serious man actually.
Thank you.

I'm from University of Electric Comunication . My home town is Hyogo prefecture.
I speak false Kansai dialect because I had lived in Tokyo for four years.
Please get along!!
Hobby:Band activity (I play metal song. Playing bass guiter and vocal.), anime, motorcycle , take picture

I'm Takeshi Yamakawa.
I'm from Wakayama prefecture.
I enjoy watching movies and anime and reading books.
Thank you.

...Jeremie joined our Lab.

Jeremie Mathurin joined to our Lab. a sa half year excahnge student, from Paris 11th University.

Coming from France, I am there to make new experiences and discoveries. As we say: Travel broadens the mind.
どうぞ よろしく。

...Kono won award for excellent photo, at the 3rd JSAP Photo Contest

Kono was awarded for excellence at the 3rd photo contest, "Science as art" by Japan Society of Applied Physics by vote of participants.

"Ice crystal burst open by labser"

...Graguation ceremony

Uedan, Sawada, Shigemasa and Shinya graduated.

The graduatees presented to Prof. Hosokawa as expression of their thanks.

...Join to the meeting of the Japanese society of plant physiologists

Prof. Hosokawa joined the 55th annual meeting of the Japanese society of plant physiologists in Toyama university.

細川 陽一郎

...Attended to "The 61st JSAP Spring Meeting 2014"

Dr. Iino and Kono attended to "The 61st Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) Spring Meeting 2014".


...Prof. Hosokawa won "NAIST AWARD"

Prof. Hosokawa won 2014 NAIST award.

The ceremony was held on March 8th.
Co-winner Prof. Tokuda and Prof. Hosokawa with advisory committee Dr.Ohshima.

At the award lecture, Prof. Hosokawa introduced Lab. members.

ex-lab. member, Dr. Maezawa sent bouquet (left) and with lab. members
Knowledge, Wisdom and Money, with Courage and Belief

...Attended to "Laser Society Workshop"

Maruyama attended to "Laser Society, the 459 workshop - Laser Micro/Nano Processing -"and made an oral presentation.


...Attended to "The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan Workshop"

Dr. Iino and Fukushima attended to the "The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan - Workshop of Application of Biomedical photonics -". Fukushima made an oral presentation.


...Going to Taiwan

Some of our members went to Taiwan. Besides attending to "Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Republic of China", they went to National Yang-Ming University, Taipei and National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu.

At 2014 PSROC Annual Meeting
(From Left: Uedan, Fukushima, Shinya, Maruyama, and Kono)
T. Iino
Signal transmission between nerve and mast cells induced by mechanical stimulation by femtosecond laser-induced impulsive force
H. Uedan
Motion Analysis of Biological Cells and Micro-beads by Femtosecond Laser Impulse
R. Shinya
Femtosecond Laser-induced photoporation into Tabacco BY-2 cell
T. Kono
Freezing process of sucrose solution induced by femtosecond laser impulse: in situ observation by high-speed imaging
R. Fukushima
AFM detection of vibration of biological micro-object induced by femtosecond laser impulse
A. Maruyama
Motion analysis of micro-beads detachment from substrate by femtosecond laser impulse: toward elucidation of cell adhesion
Maruyama soaked in sweat for explaining his poster
…and… his smile in relief
Left: Uedan attended second time in a row
Right: Oral presentation by Dr. Iino
Meeting with Prof. Fu Jin Kao, Yang-Ming University
Left:With Prof. Kao,
Right: Uedan reunited with Ziv, Abner, Yu who came to NAIST for joint research in 2013.

We held workshop at National Chiao Tung University. (Detail is HERE.)

Thanks to guide of Kao Lab. members, we could have good time.
We are looking for their coming at NAIST for joint researc in this summer.

Recreation in 2014 (Jump to RESEARCH

...Andy、Yu、Wade Farewell Party

Farewell party for Andy、Yu、Wade from Yang MIng University was held.

Left:Buzzed Yamakawa and Fukushima
Right:Andy doing practice run of Disneyland date

Leaving our lab, they traveled in Kobe and Osaka, then met our alumnus, Mr. Shinya.

...Farewell Party for Jeremie

Jeremie finished 4 month stay in our lab and left back to Paris 11th University.

...BBQ in Tenkawa Village

Three students, Andy, Yu, and Wade come form Laboratory of Prof. Fu-Jin Kao, Taiwan National Yang-Ming University.

They will stay here for joint research for a month.We went to Tenkawa Village, for BBQ.

Fontline, third person Yu, Prof. Hosokawa, Andy and Wade

Beautiful Dive performed byDr. Iino

Prof. Hosokawa's Fighting with Gravity
In contrast with Maruyama sitting in the air

...Graduation party

For celebrating four M2, went out Korean restaurant.

AKB photo books and tie clips were presented to M2 by M1.