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...Assistant Prof. Tanga joined our lab

Asst. Prof. Naomi Tanga joined our lab.

Hi all, my name is Naomi Tanga.
I joined for Nara Institute of Science and Technology on December 1st of this year. I studied at Nara Women's University Secondary School and Nara Women's University Faculty of Science.
The doctoral program is the National Institute for Basic Biology / Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Aichi. There, I have studied about cell signaling systems underlying brain functions and got my Ph.D..
After Ph.D., I joined a bio-startup company, and developed the human iPS cell-derived product that becomes the first commercial product for the company last year. Here, I would like to produce new innovative techniques for biological or agliculture fields by using the latest laser technology, with Professor Hosokawa and other lab members.
Thank you for your cooperation.

... Joined The 3th Young People's Association on Plant structure opt 2021

We joined The 3th Young People's Association on Plant structure opt 2021 in Elucidation of the strategies of mechanical optimization in plants toward the establishment of the bases for sustainable structure system.

 M2 Mr. Yamasaki, Mr. Iriguchi, M1 Mr.Priyo, Mr.  Inoue and Mr. Murakishi participated in the 2nd Young People's Association (online) held online.

Y. Yamasaki フェムト秒レーザー穿孔と原子間力顕微鏡による植物細胞の力学状態評価
T. Iriguchi シャジクモのプレッシャープローブおよびAFM弾性率測定による植物細胞の構造に由来する学特性評価
R. Priyo Viability of Tobacco Bright Yellow-2 Cell for Pulsed Laser Assisted Injection of Large Molecules
K. Inoue 細胞振動の高感度検出のためのAFMカンチレバーの最適化
T. Murakishi AFMにより得られた植物細胞のフォースマッピング画像の解析

...Joined the 82th JSAP Automn Meeting 2021

D2 Mr. Po-Wei, M2 Mr. Iriguchi, Ms. Uno, Mr. Kiya, Mr. Takao, Mr. Hironaga and Mr. Yamasaki participated in the 82th JSAP Automn Meeting 2021 held online.

Po-Wei Yi Opticallly Evolved Condensation of Lysozyme Study by Raman Microspectroscopy
T.Iriguchi シャジクモが有する巨大細胞のAFM弾性率測定による植物細胞の構造に由来する力学特性評価
H.Uno 外力の作用強度に依存した細胞のカルシウム応答
R.Kiya フェムト秒レーザー衝撃力の多段照射による変位量差を利用した多重選択型セルソーターの実証
K.Takao レーザー加振した細胞シートの振動挙動のAFM検出による細胞状態の解析
K.Hironaga ゼブラフィッシュ胚の細胞間機械特性に関わる遺伝子スクリーニングのためのフェムト秒レーザーアブレーション法
Y.Yamasaki フェムト秒レーザー穿孔と原子間力顕微鏡による植物細胞の力学状態評価

...A paper was published in Nanoscale journal

The title is "Specific capture and intact release of breast cancer cells using a twin-layer vein-shaped microchip with a self-assembled surface".
The link is here.

...A paper was published in Biophysical Journal

The title is "Mechanosensitive axon outgrowth mediated by L1-laminin clutch interface".
The link is here.

...A paper was published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry

The title is "Cooperative Optical Trapping of Polystyrene Microparticle and Protein Forming a Submillimeter Linear Assembly of Microparticle".
The link is here.

...WELCOME Institute Miyakonojo College students to our laboratory for 5 days.

Ms. Sakamoto from National Institute of Technology, Miyakonojo College student visited Hosokawa Laboratory for internship. In the experiment, she studied stimulus response of cells with using raser in laboratory. Thank you for 5 days so much.

...The Hosokawa Lab sent out a press release.

On Tuesday, August 10, 2021, the development of a microfluidic device that electrically and rapidly determines the shape of algae cells was published online in Biosensors and Bioelectronics (Elsevier, Netherlands). It is expected to be applied to global warming countermeasures using Euglena.

The NAIST article is here.
RIKEN article is here.
The Euglena, Inc. article is here.

...A paper was published in The Journal of Biosensors

The title is "Focusing of Particles in a Microchannel with Laser Engraved Groove Arrays".
The link is here.

...Students from Nishiyamato Gakuen Junior High School and High School came to our lab to do experiments.

Mr. Iwamori, Mr. Shinohara, and Mr. Fujioka, second-year high school students from Nishiyamato Gakuen, came to Hosokawa Laboratory for three days to do experiments. In the experiment, they measured the elastic modulus of cell wall by cantilever beam test. He asked us many questions during the experiment. Thank you very much.

...A paper was published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics

The title is "Microscopic impedance cytometry for quantifying single cell shape".
The link is here.

...Twitter is now open!

Twitter is now open!

The account is Here

...Joined The 7th International Conference on Plant Cell Wall Biology (PCWB2021)

M2 T. Iriguchi, Y. Yamasaki, Muhammad Ridho Priyo Jatmiko Participated in The 7th International Conference on Plant Cell Wall Biology (PCWB2021) held online.

T. Iriguchi Evaluation of mechanical properties of Giant Cells in the Algae, Chara
Y. Yamasaki Evaluation of apparent stiffness of plant cells elucidated by AFM measurement and laser perforation
Muhammad Ridho Priyo Jatmiko Pulsed laser assisted photoinjection of large molecules through the cell wall

...A paper was published in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical

The title is "A chemical micropump actuated by self-oscillating polymer gel".
The link is here.

...Joined the 22nd International Symposium on Laser Precision Microfabrication

D3Zhang Tienlong, Mr. Teranishi, Ms. Uno, Mr. Kiya, Mr. Takao and Mr. Hironaga Participated in the 22nd International Symposium on Laser Precision Microfabrication held online.

Zhang Tienlong Femtosecond laser engraved grooves in a microfluidic channel for micro-particle separation
N. Teranishi Nano particle manipulation by using Femtosecond laser impulse
H. Uno Femtosecond laser applications for patterning cultured cells and probing cellular mechanoresponses
K. Takao Mechanical response of cell sheets observed by a femtosecond laser impulse
R. Kiya Double pulse effect of fluidic modulation in water induced by femtosecond laser impulse
K. Hironaga Femtosecond laser processing of cells in zebrafish embryos for elucidating mechanical interaction between the cells

Ms. Hanaka Uno, a second-year master student of Bio-Process Engineering Laboratory, received the Outstanding Student Paper Award (Short Oral Presentation) for her outstanding presentation at this international conference.

...New master students came

5 new master students joined our lab.

Akao Hidekazu
I’m from Ehime Prefecture. My hobbies are watching sports and exercising. I also like karaoke and playing games. I would like to enjoy my life in graduate school. Thank you.

Kazuki Inoue
My name is Kazuki Inoue. I am a graduate of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tokushima. My hobby is walking. I look forward to working with you.
Thank you.

Risa Onishi
I'm Risa Onishi from Chiba prefecture. I came to Nara with a parakeet. I has a blissful time playing games while being healed by parakeets. Thank you.

Kentaro Odani
I am from Shiga Prefecture. I like motorcycles and mountain climbing. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Takayuki Murakishi
I am from Nara Prefecture. I will do my best in my research. Thank you very much.

...A paper was published in Sensors and Actuators A: Physical

The title is "Fabrication of ultra-thin glass sheet by weight-controlled load-assisted precise thermal stretching".
The link is here.


The degree conferment ceremony was held on a smaller scale than usual, and seven students from our laboratory, M2 Mr. Araki, Mr. Ito, Mr. Ueda, Mr. Sugita, Mr. Teranishi, Mr. Mase, and Mr. Yamamoto received their degrees in our laboratory.

...A paper was published in Developmental Cell

The title is "Filopodium-derived vesicles produced by MIM enhance the migration of recipient cells".
The link is here.

...joined the 68th JSAP Spring Meeting 2021

M2 Mr. Araki, M1 Mr. Iriguchi, Mr. Uno, Mr. Kiya, Mr. Takao, Mr. Hironaga and Mr. Yamazaki participated in the 68th JSAP Spring Meeting 2021 held online.

T.Araki AFM探針のフェムト秒レーザー加工によるフェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力の高感度検出
T.Iriguchi 植物細胞の力学特性評価のための細胞弾性率と細胞内圧の計測
H.Uno 外力に対する細胞のカルシウムシグナル応答の細胞形状依存性
R.Kiya 微小物体に作用するフェムト秒レーザー衝撃力のダブルパルス効果
K.Takao フェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力により加振した細胞組織の振動挙動
K.Hironaga フェムト秒レーザーを用いたゼブラフィッシュ胚の発生初期段階における細胞間機械特性の評価
Y.Yamazaki 植物細胞における原子間力顕微鏡での力学状態計測の探針先端曲率依存性

...A paper was published in Biomedical Optics Express

The title is "Pulsed laser activated impulse response encoder (PLAIRE): sensitive evaluation of surface cellular stiffness on zebrafish embryos".
The link is here.

...Master's thesis presentation

M2 Mr. Ito, Mr. Ueda, Mr. Yamamoto, Mr. Araki, Mr. Sugita, Mr. Teranishi and Mr. Mase presented their master's theses.

K. Ito フェムト秒レーザー加工とAFM計測を駆使した植物細胞の力学特性評価
Y. Ueda 集光フェムト秒レーザー照射による植物組織への遺伝子導入の検討
M. Yamamoto マイクロ流路のポケット構造でレーザー誘起された衝撃力の伝播挙動の数値シミュレーション
T.Araki 原子間力顕微鏡によるフェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力の高感度計測手法の開発
R.Sugita フェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力に誘導される細胞内Ca2+濃度上昇の経路探索
N.Teranishi フェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力を用いたサブミクロン粒子分取システムの開発
R.Mase 接着領域と形状が制御された細胞のフェムト秒レーザー誘起衝撃力による接着状態の評価

...A paper was published in Engineering

The title is "Rotation of Biological Cells: Fundamentals and Applications".
The link is here.

...A paper was published in Scientific Reports

The title is "Hydrodynamic particle focusing enhanced by femtosecond laser deep grooving at low Reynolds numbers".
The link is here.

...A paper was published in Optics Express

The title is "Super-resolution for a dispersive spectrometer using a tilted area sensor and spectrally varying blur kernel interpolation".
The link is here.

Recreation in 2021 (Jump to RESEARCH

...A game competition was held.

After the degree conferment ceremony, we held a game tournament! Thanks to all the M2 students for their master's thesis presentations!